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Testing of North Runway’s ILS at Dublin

The daa has issued an advisory notice about forthcoming activities on and around the North Runway site as part of the installation of the Instrument Landing System (ILS). Flight calibration of the ILS will be undertaken during daylight hours from Monday, 23rd to Friday, 27th August, weather permitting.

The flights will involve a small twin-engine aircraft taking off and landing using the existing operational runways, not North Runway. It will then make multiple approaches to both east and west ends of the North Runway site at no lower than a height of 100 feet, and then undertake several passes of the runway at c. 50 feet.

The flights will be carried out by Flight Calibrations Services Ltd. (FCSL) who have already undertaken to calibrate the Navigation Aids in the vicinity of the new runway.

Please note that these flights are for testing and calibration purposes only and will not involve taking off or landing on the North Runway site.

The daa has a dedicated email address for anyone who has queries or needs clarification regarding the above, please contact

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