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Aircraft Register Update February 2023

Main photo: Ryanair DAC received four new Boeing 737-8200 MAXs in February including this one, EI-IGF. Alan Dwyer.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-HHD17-FebDiamond Da.42, (42.314), Atlantic Flight Training Ltd., Formerly G-SERE.
EI-HIH20-FebBoeing 737-8KN, (40254), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 3 Ltd., Formerly A6-FEA.
EI-HIL03-FebBoeing 737-800, (60181), GY Aviation Lease 1811 Co. Ltd., Formerly VP-BSZ.
EI-HIW03-FebVolksplane Skyranger 912, (504), S Collins, Formerly D-MSKJ.
EI-HJX02-FebCessna 150M, (15076223), J. Nugent, Formerly N225WF.
EI-HKG15-FebBoeing 737-82R, (40012), Jackson Square Aviation IRE, Formerly TC-CPM.
EI-IFZ21-FebBoeing 737-8200, (67072), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-IGE24-FebBoeing 737-8200, (67071), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-IGF17-FebBoeing 737-8200, (67074), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-IGG28-FebBoeing 737-8200, (62348), Ryanair DAC, New
EI-INB16-FebAirbus A320-272N, (11261), Avolon Leasing Ireland 3 Ltd., Formerly OE-IDK.
EI-INC24-FebAirbus A320-272N, (11288), Avolon Leasing Ireland 3 Ltd., Formerly OE-IDL.
EI-SIY21-FebAirbus A320-251N, (11319), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd. New
Another one of the four Boeing 737-8200’s delivered to Ryanair DAC in February was EI-IFZ. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DYN21-FebBoeing 737-8AS, (36576), Ryanair DAC., Gone to G-RUKJ with Ryanair UK
EI-EBH15-FebBoeing 737-800, (37526), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKK with Ryanair UK
EI-EJI15-FebAirbus A330-202, (1218), ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd., Gone to Mexico
EI-FMP20-FebLeonardo AW-169, (69010), LCI Helicopters Eleven Ltd., Gone to India
EI-FSK02-FebATR 72-212A, (1326), Emerald Airlines Ireland Ltd., Gone to G-CMJL with Emerald Airlines UK
EI-GPS14-FebGrob G120TP-A, (11103), Grob Power Service Ltd., Gone to Germany
EI-GYP07-FebBoeing 737-8K5, (35137), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Gone to F-HUYR with Transavia France
EI-HIO13-FebAirbus A330-303, (1360), Celestial Aviation Trading 36 Ltd., Gone to EC-NYJ with Wamos Air
EI-HJA23-FebAirbus A320-232, (2422), SASOF III (A17) Aviation Ireland DAC, Gone to YR-LIB with Fly Lili
EI-PHT16-FebBGD Blizzard, (BGD1009093A), D. Cunningham, Sold Abroad
Ryanair DAC transferred two 737-800’s to Ryanair UK in February including this one, EI-DYN which has been re-registered G-RUKJ. Ryanair UK will open a base at Belfast Aldergrove at the end of March with two UK-registered 737’s.
Another aircraft switching to a UK AOC is ATR-72 EI-FSK which has become G-CMJL and will operate under the Emerald Airlines UK AOC on intra-UK flights. Alan Dwyer.
Italian-based Leonardo AW-169 EI-FMP was owned by Irish-based leasing company LCI Helicopters Eleven Ltd. and it has now gone to India. Mario Serrano

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-BYX03-FebChampion 7GCAA, (40), PJ Gallagher & P Keane,
EI-BYY28-FebPiper J3, T. Byrne,
EI-EIC27-FebAirbus A320-216, (4520), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-EID13-FebAirbus A320-216, (523), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-IMS22-FebAirbus A319-111, (4910), FTAI Italia DAC.
Champion Aircraft 7GCAA has an additional owner but remains based at Coonagh. Kevin O’Doherty.
Piper J3 EI-BYY also had a change of owner this month. Hugo Wilhare.

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