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Being visible with The Airline Pilot Club

By David Learmount

Whether an aspiring pilot is an ab initio trainee, or a qualified pilot looking for a job, visibility in the marketplace is better than knocking on doors. APC has now developed a software tool that makes all its candidates for pilot employment or training courses visible to airlines and approved training organisations (ATO).

Airlines’ traditional ways of finding pilots are direct advertising and working with agencies. Advertising is a shot in the dark but can be effective because those who apply have made a specific choice to do so. The only trouble is the applicants are self-selected and unfiltered. Agencies, meanwhile, can supply lots of names, but the qualifications and experience are self-declared and need checking.

Licensed pilots may reply to advertising, but in the end, that’s a passive approach – a waiting game. Meanwhile, ab-initio students/wannabes have traditionally had to trawl the flying schools and their promises, and hope.

Imagine joining a forum that brings the three industry components together – pilots, flying schools and airlines. There they meet, in a joint community, where they can all see each other and where all the participants’ claims can be checked for accuracy.

That’s what APC members do. Having volunteered for APC membership, proven themselves worthy via APC’s free assessment, and having trod the Pathway to Pilot Competence, their completed APC profile becomes their shop window to the ATOs and airlines, who can then contact them – direct – with individual proposals.

This smart new APC service takes the legwork out of finding a training pathway and makes it easier for airlines to fill crew vacancies.

Andy O’Shea, CEO and Founder of APC added:

“This is a very significant development for APC. Not only do we provide outstanding career guidance to all categories of pilots, but now we provide our organisation partners with a great software solution to search our growing database of members and onboard our members onto courses in ATOs and soon, pilot jobs in airlines.”

APC is a community of aspiring pilots, student pilots, ATOs and Airlines. Their objective is to provide the next generation of pilots, from every background, with the best possible start to their careers by providing free services to members who register with them. These are:

  • Free psychometric assessments to understand if the airline pilot career is the right one for you.
  • Free reports to tell you your strengths and areas that can be improved.
  • Free eLearning to improve in those areas, understand the career and the all-important pilot competencies
  • Free recommendation to our community of APC Quality Assured ATOs that will provide the best training and the best opportunity of getting a job once qualified
  • Free webinars where experts share their knowledge, experience, and insights into the airline pilot career.

For more information, visit the APC website

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