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Aircraft Register Update November 2022

Main photo: Cessna FR172H ‘208’ of the Irish Air Corps has been transferred to the Irish Historic Flight Foundation as EI-HFE. This is the fifth aircraft for the IHFF which also operates the former Irish Air Corps DHC-1 Chipmunk ‘168’ as EI-HFA. EI-HFB and EI-HFC, wearing markings ‘169’ and ‘170’ respectively, are former RAF machines. The organisation also operates Boeing Stearman ‘Spirit of Tipperary’ EI-HFD, originally owned by the Ryan family or Ryanair fame. Alan Dwyer.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-HAK08-NovCessna 172S, (172S10426), Atlantic Flight Training Ltd., Formerly G-EICK.
EI-HFE30-NovCessna FR.172H, (F17200348), Irish Historic Flight Foundation, Formerly IAC 208.
EI-HHE14-NovVans RV-8, (81366-1500), F. Lawless., Formerly SE-XXM.
EI-HIR03-NovIkarus C42B, (0503-6660), Tibohine Flying Club Ltd., Formerly D-MXII.
EI-HIX16-NovAirbus A319-111, (1640), Celestial Aviation Trading 31 Ltd., Formerly F-GRXA.
EI-HJK30-NovBoeing 737-82R, (35701), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly OE-IEC.
EI-IFR14-NovBoeing 737-8200, (67134), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-KBS29-NovAirbus A320-271N, (11199), ACG Aircraft Leasing IRE Ltd., New.
EI-MAF03-NovAirbus A330-343, (1712), Airbus Financial Services Ltd., Formerly RP-C3347.
EI-PHT04-NovBGD Blizzard, (BGD1009093A), D. Cunningham, New
EI-PHV02-NovDudek Snake 1.2, (P-200181), L. Graham, New
EI-SIR21-NovAirbus A320-251N, (10990), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., New
EI-SIU09-NovAirbus A320-251N, (11043), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., New
Boeing 737-8200 EI-IFR was the only aircraft Ryanair received in November. The airline expects to receive about 40 more of the type before next summer. Alan Dwyer.
Scandinavian Airlines Ireland received two new A320neo’s in November including this one, EI-SIR. Alan Dwyer.
G-EICK, appropriately registered for an aircraft based in Cork, has now taken up Irish markings as EI-HAK. It continues to operate for Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA). Alan Dwyer.
Air France A319 F-GRXA has been retired from the airline and taken up Irish markings as EI-HIX. It was last noted in storage at Lourdes in October. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DHT01-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33581), Ryanair DAC, Gone to 9H-QEQ with Malta Air.
EI-DHW23-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33823), Ryanair DAC, Gone to 9H-QES with Malta Air
EI-DIR03-NovAirbus A330-202, (272), SASOF III(A-18) Aviation IRE DAC., Gone to JU-1332
EI-DLE30-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33587), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKI with Ryanair UK
EI-DWZ17-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33628), Ryanair DAC, Gone to 9H-QET with Malta Air.
EI-FAS28-NovATR 72-212A, (1083), APF 4 Projekt Nr. 3A GmbH., Gone to YU-ALZ with Air Serbia
EI-GRD01-NovRobin DR400, (733), O. Shkrogal, Gone to the Netherlands
EI-GWH23-NovCessna F150M, (1204), J. Nugent., Gone to the USA
EI-GXO29-NovBoeing 737-86N, (36549), Rise Aviation 3 (IRE) Ltd., Gone to PK-BGZ with Batik Air
EI-GYF30-NovAirbus A320-232, (5090), Macquarie Aerospace Finance 5090 Ltd., Gone to Indonesia
EI-GYU21-NovBoeing 737-800, (35131), EOS Aviation 10 (IRE) Ltd., Gone to 9XR-WW with Rwandair
EI-GZL04-NovBoeing 737-8, (42843), SMBC Aviation Capital IRE Ltd., Gone to C-GXJR with SWOOP
EI-RDE23-NovEMBRAER ERJ 170-200STD, (17000335), NAC Aviation 19 Ltd., Gone to SP-LIQ with LOT.
Four Ryanair were cancelled from the Irish register in November but will remain in service with other group airlines. EI-DHT, EI-DHW and EI-DWZ have all gone to Malta Air while EI-DLE (pictured) has gone to Ryanair UK as G-RUKI. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-CKH24-NovPiper Pa-18, (18-7248), J.J. Conran
EI-DSY23-NovAirbus A320-216, (3666), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-DTA22-NovAirbus A320-216, (3732), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-FAS02-NovATR 72-212A, (1083), APF 4 Projekt Nr.3A GmbH,
EI-HAR03-NovIkarus C42B, (2108-7661), M. Houston & A. Gurnett.
EI-IMN21-NovAirbus A319-111, (4764), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-IMV29-NovAirbus A319-111, (5294), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-IMW30-NovAirbus A319-111, (5383), FTAI Italia DAC,
EI-KBH15-NovAirbus A320-271N, (7124), EOS Aviation 16(IRE) Ltd.,
ATR-72 This former Stobart Air ATR-72 EI-FAS has been in storage since they ceased operations. The aircraft has now been delivered to Air Serbia as YU-ALZ. Alan Dwyer.

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