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Aircraft Register Update October 2022

Main photo: Diamond DA-62 EI-TCN was registered last month and is owned by Flight Calibration Services Europe Ltd. Formerly G-TACN, the aircraft calibrated navigation aids around the country and was spotted in Waterford, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, Dublin, Donegal and Knock during October. Alan Dwyer.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-GZT07-OctAirbus A320-232, (1697), Aer Cap Ireland Ltd., Formerly SU-NMA.
EI-GZU07-OctAirbus A320-232, (1732), Aer Cap Ireland DAC, Formerly SU-NMB.
EI-HHK10-OctBombardier BD-500-1A11, (Airbus A220-300), (55177), ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd., New.
EI-HHL14-OctBombardier BD-500-1A11, (Airbus A220-300), (55180), ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd., New.
EI-HJA25-OctAirbus A320-232, (2422), SASOF III (A17) Aviation Ireland DAC, Formerly HL8065.
EI-HJB25-OctAirbus A320-232, (2430), SASOF III (A17) Aviation Ireland DAC, Formerly HL8066.
EI-KGJ12-OctAirbus A321-271NX, (10916), ALC Aircraft Ltd., New.
EI-MAW14-OctAirbus PZL-Koliber 160A, (04010087), Michael Whelehan, Formerly G-CCIZ.
EI-PHL14-OctOzone Power Speedster 33, (SP33-0-33B-075), Sean Shannon,
EI-PHN24-OctDudek Paragliders Nucleon XX, (P-173885), Seamus Donohoe,
EI-SIS07-OctAirbus A320-251N, (10941), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., New
EI-TCN05-OctDiamond Da-62, (62.044), Flight Calibration Services Europe Ltd., Formerly G-TACN.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DCH24-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33566), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd., Gone to Guernsey
EI-DHV24-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33582), Ryanair DAC, Gone to 9H-QER with Malta Air
EI-GBB17-OctBoeing 737-86N, (36809), AWAS Aviation Leasing (36809) Ltd., Gone to OM-GTK with Go2Sky
EI-GWS13-OctBoeing 737-8GJ, (37366), ECAF I 37366 DAC, Gone to LV-KFW with Andes Linhas Aereas
EI-GZF25-OctBoeing 737-8, (63974), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Gone to XA-GNS with Aeromexico
EI-GZI07-OctBoeing 737-8, (42844), SMBC Aviation Capital IRE Ltd., Gone to C-GYLP with SWOOP
EI-GZJ24-OctBoeing 737-8, (63975), SMBC Aviation Capital IRE Ltd., Gone to C-GLVU with SWOOP
EI-HCW10-OctAirbus A320-232, (48880), Lunar Aircraft Trading Company Ltd., Gone to Malta
EI-HDL25-OctBoeing 737-8AL, (39057), BOC Aviation (IRE) Ltd., Gone to OY-JZT with Jettime
EI-RDD04-OctEMBRAER ERJ-170-200STD, (17999334), NAC Aviation 19 Ltd., Gone to SP-LIP with LOT
EI-SON06-OctATR 72-201, (195), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Gone to Hungary
Airbus A320-232 EI-HCW was only registered in April but has now gone to Malta. Alan Dwyer.
Former Alitalia Embraer ERJ-170-200STD EI-RDD has been cancelled to Poland. It has become SP-LIP with LOT Polish Airlines. Malcolm Nason
ASL Airlines ATR72 EI-SON spent under a year on the Irish register before being cancelled and transferred to Hungary in October. Donal Morrissey.
Boeing 737-8AL EI-HDL joined the register in May and has now gone to Jettime as OY-JZT. Macolm Nason.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-EHK28-OctMagni M22, (22074384), John Heffernan,
EI-FLL18-OctIkarus C42, (9907-6600), P. Timothy & A O’Brien.
EI-FNT21-OctLeonardo AW-169, (69013), LCI Helicopters Twenty Six Ltd.,
EI-GPV19-OctIkarus C42B, (0902-7026), B. Corrigan & MJ. O’Carroll
EI-GRM05-OctDiamond Da-42M-NG, (42.MN051), Atlantic Flight Training Ltd.,
Magni M22 EI-EHK has had an owner change to John Heffernan. Alan Dwyer.
Diamond DA-42M-NG EI-GRM was previously owned by Green Rebel Marine but has now been transferred to Atlantic Flight Training Ltd.

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