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Abelo to Acquire 20 ATR Aircraft

The newly formed, Dublin based lessor, Abelo has announced the signature of Heads of Agreement for 10 brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft. The leasing company is also to confirm an order for 10 ATR 42-600S (the Short Take-off and Landing, or STOL, variant) previously signed by Elix Aviation in 2019. The first deliveries of the ATR 72-600 will start in 2023, while the first STOL version will be delivered at the end of 2024. The announcement was made on day two of the Farnborough International Airshow.

ATR’s new market forecast shows a strong demand across the world for turboprops with demand for at least 2,450 additional aircraft over the next 20 years. This appeal for the most responsible and affordable regional aircraft is already confirmed through this new deal, as well as through the fact that the manufacturer has recently managed to place its entire portfolio of second-hand aircraft.

Commenting on the deal, the Chief Executive Officer of Abelo, Steve Gorman said: “We firmly believe that turboprops are the technology of today and tomorrow and this is why we are investing in the ATR platform. This new deal is further proof of our commitment to create growth and value for regional operators, providing them with the most modern, profitable and sustainable aircraft on the market. As we are looking to expand and become the go-to lessor of turboprops, our strong links with ATR will prove invaluable.”

Abelo’s Steve Gorman with Stefano Bortoli of ATR.

Also commenting was the ATR Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Bortoli who said, “Abelo is a perfect partner for ATR and a force to be reckoned with in the regional aviation market. With today’s order for 20 aircraft, they demonstrate their long-term confidence in our product family and shine a light on the many opportunities that exist for operators across the globe. The financial community and leasing companies, in particular, have been unswerving supporters of ATR throughout the years, and will keep playing a key role.”

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