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Aircraft Register Update May 2022 

Main photo: SAS Ireland took delivery of two new Airbus A320neo’s in May, EI-SIK and EI-SIO. Alan Dwyer.

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RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-AZE26-MayBoeing 737-86Q, (30291), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly N291CS.
EI-FKM26-MayWassmer WA81, (WA819), T. Delaney & JB Bolger, Formerly OM-OMA.
EI-GYR31-MayMagni M24, (24116734), D. Crombie, Formerly I-B168.
EI-GZH05-MayBoeing 737-8, (42840), SMBC Aviation Capital (IRE) Ltd., New.
EI-GZI27-MayBoeing 737-8, (42844), SMBC Aviation Capital (IRE) Ltd., New.
EI-GZK11-MayBoeing 737-8, (42845), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., New.
EI-HAC31-MayATR 72-212A, (674), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly OK-GFQ.
EI-HDH20-MayATR 72-212A, (1169), Commuter Aircraft Leasing 2017 Ltd., Formerly 2-KBCA.
EI-HDJ24-MayATR 72-212A, (1324), Emerald Airlines Ireland Ltd., Formerly OY-YDN.
EI-HDL25-MayBoeing 737-8AL, (39057), BOC Aviation (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly VT-SYQ.
EI-HDP06-MayBoeing 737-8K5, (35138), Aircastle (IRE) Ltd., Formerly G-FDZF.
EI-HDT18-MayBoeing 777-228, (32308), ILFC Ireland Leasing Ltd., Formerly F-GSPT.
EI-HDV26-MayDaher Aerospace TB 10, (322), O. McLoughlin, S Edghill., Formerly G-TBTN.
EI-HDW23-MayBest Off Skyranger 912, (SKR0302312), J. Marbach, Formerly F-JYNV.
EI-HGL06-MayBoeing 737-8200, (65081), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-HGM06-MayBoeing 737-8200, (65875), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-IFA05-MayAirbus A350-941, (0308), Bluecandle DAC., New.
EI-IFB06-MayAirbus A350-941, (0270), Airbus Financial ServicesLtd., New
EI-IFC23-MayAirbus A350-941, (0323), Silverraven DAC., New
EI-KBO19-MayAirbus A320-232, (6311), Shenton Aircraft Leasing 3 (IRE) Ltd., Formerly OE-ICE,
EI-KDD18-MayAirbus A3210271N, (7634), Cesium Funding Ltd., Formerly P4-KDD.
EI-KEC17-MayBoeing 767-3KY, (42223), Jetsyu Aviation Leasing, Formerly P4-KEC
EI-KGC17-MayAirbus A321-271NX, (9080), ALC Aircraft Ltd., Formerly P4-KGC
EI-KGF18-MayAirbus A321-271NX, (10427), ALC Aircraft Ltd., Formerly P4-KGF
EI-KGH02-MayAirbus A321-271NX, (10534), ALC Aircraft Ltd., New
EI-NSB19-MayAirbus A320-251N, (10786), GY Aviation Lease 1711 Co. Ltd., New
EI-PHH04-MayDudek Paragliders Hadron 3, (P-212721), P. Murray,
EI-SIK27-MayAirbus A320-251N, (10716), Scandinavian Airlines (IRE) Ltd., New
EI-SIO10-MayAirbus A320-251N, (10813), Scandinavian Airlines (IRE) Ltd., New
EI-VAS06-MayAirbus A320-232, (3141), Thunderbolt III Leasing 1 Ltd., Formerly P4-VAS
Emerald Airlines continue to expand their fleet for the Aer Lingus Regional franchise. EI-HDJ previously operated for TransNusa in Indonesia as PK-TNE before being registered in Ireland via Denmark as OY-YDN. Alan Dwyer.
ATR72-600 EI-HDH previously operated for Virgin Australia Regional Airlines as VH-VPJ. Alan Dwyer.
Ryanair DAC took just two Boeing 737-8200’s in May (EI-HGL & EI-HGM) as they wound down their delivery programme for the summer. The airline traditionally never takes new deliveries during the peak summer season with new deliveries usually restarting around September. Alan Dwyer.
SAS Ireland took delivery of two new Airbus A320neo’s in May, EI-SIK and EI-SIO. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-CPG13-MayAirbus A321-211, (1023), Aer Lingus, Gone to VP-C. Due for Freighter conversion
EI-CPH13-MayAirbus A321-211, (1094), Aer Lingus, Gone to VP-C. Due for freighter conversion.
EI-DCG09-MAyBoeing 737-8AS, (33805), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd., Gone to 2-HOMK.
EI-DTD23-MayAirbus A320-216, (3846), AWAS Ireland Leasing Five Ltd., Gone to EC-NTL with Volotea .
EI-DTF12-MayAirbus A320-216, (3906), AWAS Ireland Leasing Five Ltd., Gone to EC-NTM with Volotea.
EI-DUL04-MayAlpi Aviation Pioneer 300, (181-UK), ALPI Pioneer Group, Gone to G-IDUL.
EI-DZF25-MayPipistrel Sinus 912, (254), Light Sport Aviation Ltd., Gone to Australia .
EI-EWH04-MayAirbus A330-223, (891)Nightjar Ltd., Removed from Service
EI-FGC25-MayBoeing 737-8GJ, (34905), ECAF I 34905 DAC, Gone to OM-MEX with Air Explore.
EI-FPC17-MayBombardier CL-600-2D24, (15400), Truenoord amor Ltd.,Gone to South Africa with CemAir.
EI-GGJ13-MayLeonardo AW-139, (31467), LCI Freighters Two Ltd., Gone to Brazil.
EI-GVZ16-MayAirbus A330-343, (958), GY Aviation Lease 1915 Co. Ltd., Gone to Malta for MAS Air.
EI-GZS06-MayAirbus A350-941, (0280), Nanshi Aviation Leasing Ltd., Gone to D-AIVD with Lufthansa.
EI-NPB12-MayAirbus A320-214, (1736), Wings Aviation 37288 Ltd., Gone to EC-ILQ with Iberia Express.
EI-PGX13-MayITV Boxer 2, (2K17-BOXER2-M-629), R. Leslie, Removed from Service
Airbus A330-223 EI-EWH is less than 15 years old but has been removed from service. It last operated for Nigerian Airline Arik Air but has been in storage in February 2017. Alan Dwyer.
Airbus A321 EI-CPH has been in service with Aer Lingus since November 1999. It has now gone to the Cayman Islands where it will be converted to a freighter. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-ECL30-MayBoeing 737-86N, (32655), Rise Aviation 3 (IRE) Ltd.,.
EI-ENY11-MayBoeing 737-8AS, (35042), ACS Aero 3 Omega Ltd.,
EI-ERM13-MayIkarus C42B, (0802-6941), J. Deegan, G. Deegan
EI-EVW16-MayBoeing 737-8AS, (40318), Odin 40318 Aircraft Ltd.
EI-FNS17-MayIkarus C42, (9904-6147), G. Hanna, G. McGrane
EI-FXZ16-MayRoko Aero NG 4UL, (4P00028008K), H.Maguire
EI-HDH25-MayATR 72-212A, (1169), Emerald Airlines (IRE) Ltd.,
EI-XHA24-MayAirbus Helicopters AS.350B3, (9186), Executive Helicopters Maintenance Ltd.,
Roko Aero NG 4UL EI-FXZ had a change of owner this month but remains based at Kilrush. Trev Read.

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