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Positive Trends for Travel in 2022

In a recent survey carried out by CarTrawler, the leading provider of car rental and mobility solutions to the travel industry, the findings revealed a widespread positivity towards travel, a desire for more flexibility and transparency from travel companies, and a willingness to pay for greater green travel options.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 people in both the US and the UK, reveals that almost three quarters (73%) of respondents expressed positive emotions towards travel as people look to spread their wings again following the pandemic disruption. Excitement (39%), followed by anticipation (29%) and happiness (9%) are the main positive sentiments felt, as people have a rekindled sense of wanderlust, with 51% expecting to do more domestic leisure travel in the next year, while 43% expect to undertake more international leisure travel this year. Notwithstanding this, travel customers want the global industry to offer more convenience, flexibility and transparency when booking a trip. 61% of people would like to see the booking process made easier while 55% would like the option to book a flight and car at the same time. Over one third (36%) of people ranked the risk of flight/bookings cancellation as a top concern when booking a trip, and unsurprisingly, almost three quarters (73%) are willing to spend more for flight insurance now vs. before the pandemic. In addition, an overwhelming majority of travellers (86%) are enrolled in a loyalty program, saving money in the process.

While health concerns around Covid-19 persist for some, attitudes have evolved with only 36% of those who’ve travelled in the last year expressing health and safety concerns. In fact, 41% of people said it feels safer and cleaner to travel by plane now and over one third (34%) said Covid-19 regulations have given them more confidence in flying. In the last two years, 85% of travellers have gone on road trips, reflecting the restrictions on air travel during the pandemic. When booking a car as part of their trip, most value having eco-conscious options. For instance, the top reason travellers would choose to rent a car is that they care about the environment — beating out “saving money on fuel” as reason number two. Almost three quarters (73%) would be willing to pay more to rent a sustainable and environmentally-friendly car and over half (52%) would choose an airline that has pledged to be carbon neutral over one that has not. In the end, this demonstrates it pays for brands to go green.

Speaking at a recent presentation, IATA Director General, Willie Walsh said, “that the pace of recovery in Premium and non-Premium passengers has recovered at exactly the same rate which has surprised me.” He also went on to say that he expects, “business travel to recover strongly in the months ahead.”

Commenting on the findings from the survey, CarTrawler CEO Cormac Barry says; “The last two years have forced the travel industry and travellers themselves to adapt and evolve. Beyond the pandemic, the industry must recognize and adjust to the behaviours of today’s travellers. People are more tech and environmentally savvy and expect the brands they engage with to be the same. CarTrawler’s purpose is driving successful partnerships and as we set out to define the future of human travel tech, we hope this report delivers valuable insight into what is driving consumers’ decision making and can act as a blueprint for brands as they adapt to the new realities of travel.”  

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