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Proposal to Limit New Runway Use at Night

Proposals have been made to close the new North Runway at Dublin Airport between midnight and 06.00 am to limit noise levels in the area. The Airport Noise Competent Authority (ANCA) has published a draft ruling which offers locals living close to the gateway up to €20,000 to pay for insulation and potentially limiting night-time aircraft movements. Originally, the planning permission for the new runway limited nighttime movements at the whole airport to 65 between the hours of 11.00 pm and 06.00 am. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were around 100 flights operating between these hours.

Following the publication of the consultation paper by The Airport Noise Competent Authority, it will be seeking a response from all interested parties over the next 14 weeks. Those views will inform its final decision, which the authority director has confirmed would be binding on planners considering DAA’s appeal against the original conditions. The authority intends to impose a night-time noise quota on Dublin designed to restrict flights by louder aircraft.

Commenting on the consultation process, the Director of the ANCA, Ethna Felten said, “Our recommendations will bring Ireland into line with international best practice and help us to meet our objective to manage noise at Dublin Airport. Our recommendations focus on limiting and reducing the impacts of night-time aircraft noise in Dublin and will guide future decisions regarding aircraft noise management at Dublin Airport. I encourage people to participate in this public consultation because these decisions we make together will affect local residents, businesses and everybody who uses Dublin Airport.”

The Airport Noise Competent Authority’s recommendations are contained in the Draft Regulatory Decision and Noise Abatement Objective that are now out for public consultation and available online here. A series of public information webinars will commence on Wednesday 17th November at 6.30 pm. Registration is required for the chance to hear from the project team and ask questions at the link here.

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