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Aircraft Register Update September 2021

Main photo: SAS Ireland have re-registered some of their Airbus A320neo fleet back in Ireland and one of these, EI-SIB, is seen above landing in Dublin. Alan Dwyer.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-GRD28-SepAvions Pierre Robin DR400, (733), Oleksandr Shkrogal, Formerly G-BAEB.
EI-GVE09-SepAirborne Windsports Edge XT-912, (XT912-354), John McQuoid, Formerly 32-7425, 
EI-GWL29-SepAirbus A320-232, (5027), Macquarie Aerospace Finance 5027 Ltd., Formerly VT-IEP
EI-GXV09-SepAirbus A320-232, (5155), Rise Aviation 3 (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly VT-IEW
EI-HAT13-SepBoeing 737-8200, (65076), Ryanair DAC, NEW.
EI-HGG15-SepBoeing 737-8200, (62316), Ryanair DAC, NEW.
EI-KBD10-SepAirbus A320-232, (5870), Saryarka Aviation Ltd. Ex P4-KBD
EI-KBH08-SepAirbus A320-271N, (7124), ALC Aircraft Ltd. Ex P4-KBH
EI-KDB10-SepAirbus A312-231, (5404), Saryarka Aviation Ltd. Ex P4-KDB
EI-KGD08-SepAirbus A321NX, (9432), ALC Aircraft Ltd., Ex P4-KGD.
EI-SIB20-SepAirbus A320-251N, (7951), Scandinavian Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly SE-DYD.
EI-STH03-SepBoeing 737-429, (25729), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly HA-FAY, 
EI-STW16-SepBoeing 737-4M0, (29201), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly OE-IAU.
EJ-JMMM03-SepBombardier BD-700-1A10, (9387), Acass Ireland Ltd., Formerly N789RR.
ASL Airlines has transferred Boeing 737-400 HA-FAY from their Hungarian operations to Ireland and is now registered as EI-STH. Alan Dwyer


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-FSS29-SepBoeing 777-2Q8, (32701), MASL Ireland (11) Ltd. Removed from Service.
EI-FSZ23-SepPipistel Virus 912, (132NV912), Joe Tierney, Gone to Lithuania
EI-GSL22-SepBoeing 737-85R, (35082), KLAATU Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to 9H-TJF.
EI-GTI09-SepEMBRAER ERJ-190-100 SR, (19000564), GY Aviation Lease 1707 Co. Ltd., Gone to G-LCAH 
EI-GTR29-SepAirbus A320-214, (3972),KLAATU Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to 9A-IRM.
EI-IMP03-SepAirbus A319-111, (4859), GY Aviation Lease 103 Co. Ltd., Stored at CHR
EI-IMR29-SepAirbus A319-111, (4875), GY Aviation Lease 103 Co. Ltd., Stored at CHR 
EI-IMU29-SepAirbus A319-111, (5130), GY Aviation Lease 103 Co. Ltd., Stored at CHR 
EI-KEL06-SepAirbus EC-135 T2+, (848), Babcock Mission Critical Services (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to G-CGHP.
EJ-AWES21-SepBombardier CL-600-2B16, (5966), Acass Ireland Ltd., Gone to San Marino
EC-135T2 EI-KEL was used on oil rig operations based in Cork. The aircraft has now returned to the UK as G-KNSL. Alan Dwyer.
Pipistel Virus 912 EI-FSZ has been sold to Lithuania. Bill Teasdale.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DAN30-SepBoeing 737-8AS, (33549), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd.
EI-EKA20-SepBoeing 737-8AS, (35022), KLAATU Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd..
EI-EKB20-SepBoeing 737-8AS, (38494), KLAATU Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd..
EI-EWH06-SepAirbus A330-223, (891), Nightjar Ltd..
EI-FST16-SepIkarus C42, (1604-7454), Colin, Davina and Wesley Baker
EI-HAA02-SepBoeing 737-4Y0, (25177), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd.
Boeing 737-400 EI-HAA had an owner change in September but remains operating for the ASL Airlines Group. Alan Dwyer.
Following 18 years in the Ryanair fleet, one of the oldest 737-800’s has been retired. It’s pictured shortly after being delivered in 2003 without winglets and with eyebrow windows. Michael Kelly.
Ikarus C42 EI-FST previously operated for Tibohine Flying Club in Co. Roscommon but has now been sold to a group of private owners. Jon Kilpatrick.

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