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Aircraft Register Update April 2021

Main photo: Piper Cub EI-BID has moved from Craughwell to a new flying group based at Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin. Photo by Frank Grealish.

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RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-GRM07-AprDiamond DA 42 M-NG, (42.MN051), Green Rebel Marine Ltd., Formerly OE-FYD.
EI-GUK16-AprBoeing 737-82R, (40014), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 11 Ltd., Formerly TC-CPI.
EI-GVP30-AprBoeing 737-82R, (40881), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 11 Ltd., Formerly TC-CPJ.
EI-GVR20-AprVans RV-7, (71021), Jeask Ltd., Formerly N8054W.
EI-GVV13-AprBoeing 737-7K2, (38126), Horizon Aviation 4 Ltd., Formerly PH-BGO.
EI-GVZ20-AprAirbus A330-343, (0958), CDB Aviation Owner Ltd., Formerly B-6502.
EI-GWE19-AprBoeing 737-8K5, (34686), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Formerly D-ATUE.
EI-HBC28-AprCL-600-2E25, (19052), Hibernian Airlines Ltd., Formerly EC-MNR.
EI-PGY23-AprX-Wing Evo 28 Paraglider, (XW-JJQ-00323), Ballorie Bendon, New Aircraft.
EI-STV16-AprBoeing 737-43Q, (28494), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly HA-FAU. VQ-BCS, SX-BTN, OK-BGQ, N462PR, B-18677.
New Norwegian airline ‘Flyr’ will start operations on 30th June. The airline has acquired this former Pegasus Boeing 737-800, currently parked up in Shannon as EI-GUK. It will become LN-FGA on delivery. Alan Dwyer
This former Pegasus Boeing 737-800 arrived in Shannon on 31st March and has been painted in the colours of new airline ‘Flyr’. It was noted as EI-GVP on 29th April and will become LN-FGB on delivery. Alan Dwyer 


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DLO13-AprBoeing 737-8AS, (34178), ASL Aviation Holdings DAC.,Gone to F-HIQC.
EI-DLR16-AprBoeing 737-8AS, (33596), ASL Aviation Holdings DAC.,Gone to HS-KMD.
EI-DPT16-AprBoeing 737-8AS, (35550), Ryanair DAC., Gone to OE-IWD.
EI-ESN27-AprBoeing 737-8AS, (34991), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Gone to TC-TJY.
EI-EYY26-AprATR 72-212A, (575), Lighthouse Alpha Ltd., Gone to Poland.
EI-FJZ30-AprBoeing 737-800, (42082), Norwegian Air International Leasing., Gone to LN-RNN.
EI-FXD12-AprATR 42-300, (273), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to C-FVGY.
EI-GEP01-AprBoeing 767-323, (24040), Spectre Overseas Aircraft Ltd., Gone to N767PR
EI-GSO23-AprBoeing 737-8Q8, (30704), Inishdawson Leasing Ltd., Gone to S2-AIJ.
EI-GTS09-AprAirbus A320-232, (4008), Klaatu Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to EC-NMY.
EI-GTZ15-AprAirbus A321-231, (3636), Madeleine Leasing DAC., Gone to EC-NLJ.
EI-SLU09-AprATR 72-202, (364), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to HB-AFM.
EI-XLL07-AprBoeing 747-412, (28031), VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Gone to N281GH.
EI-XLN07-AprBoeing 747-412, (28029), VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Gone to N289EF.
EI-XLO07-AprBoeing 747-412, (28025). VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Gone to N285LM.
ASL Airlines ATR 72-202 EI-SLU has gone to Switzerland as HB-AFM. Alan Dwyer.
This former Ryanair 737-8AS was transferred to ASL Airlines last October for cargo conversion has now gone to Thailand as HS-KMD. Paul Daly.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-BID30-AprPiper PA-19 (Modified), (18-1524), Ballyboughal Super Cub Group.
EI-EAZ28-AprCessna 172R, (17281146), Waterford Aero Club Ltd.
EI-FVK23-AprBoeing 737-800, (42276), Gannet Aircraft 7 Ltd.
EI-GUD06-AprAirbus A319-111, (2512), WWTAI Airopco II DAC.
This former Norwegian Airlines aircraft, EI-FVK, has now been registered to Gannet Aircraft 7 Ltd. It is currently stored in Shannon. Alan Dwyer.
Cessna 172R EI-EAZ has been operating for Atlantic Flight Training Academy for a number of years and has now gone to Waterford Aero Club. Paul Daly.

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