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Ryanair Calls for End to MHQ From the EU

Ryanair has called on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to scrap Ireland’s Mandatory Hotel Quarantine (MHQ) for certain EU countries and to deliver a roadmap for the re-opening of EU air travel in time for the summer holidays. The airline calls the MHQ ‘absurd’ when Ireland has a 500km open land border with Northern Ireland. Anyone can avoid having to quarantine by flying into Belfast and can travel across the land border freely which makes the MHQ completely pointless.

A Ryanair spokesperson has said that “We can’t continue being the failed outliers of Europe. Our Government must act now and apply common sense before it is too late to save connectivity to/from the island of Ireland. The successful rollout of vaccines to our most vulnerable has led to a dramatic drop in hospitalisations and deaths and the Irish Govt can no longer justify locking down 5 million citizens with currently less than 50 people in ICU. Equally, it must end our defective hotel quarantine when people travelling from the EU can easily avoid it by travelling through Northern Ireland or by flying from neighbouring EU countries. We call on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to scrap this defective/useless hotel quarantine which only applies to certain EU countries, ensure vaccinated people can move freely to/from the EU, and set out a clear plan to re-open the nation for air travel to/from Ireland from the end of May onwards.”

Ryanair’s CEO Eddie Wilson has said that services to Ireland from Rome, Paris, Brussels and Vienna are set to be cut due to the potential of passengers having to quarantine on arrival. He also commented recently on the extended delay with the deliveries of the Boeing 737-8200. Having expected to take the first eight during April, he now expects they will arrive in the ‘next number of weeks.’

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