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IAA Publish Online Booklet on Irish Bird & Wildlife Strike Management at Aerodromes

The Irish Aviation Authority in association with the members of the State’s National Bird and Wildlife Hazard Committee has published an online document with information to assist in managing wildlife hazards in the vicinity of aerodromes in Ireland. The document may also be beneficial to non-aviation stakeholders particularly in relation to land use near to an active aerodrome, or those who have an academic or pastime interest in this area.

The IAA’s State Plan for Aviation Safety in Ireland 2019 – 2022 identifies wildlife strikes as a significant safety risk. As an action to ensure continued focus on the threat posed, this publication has been prepared to assist aerodrome operators in the establishment, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an effective aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. The content is provided as supplementary guidance material in support of European and National regulatory requirements and reflects best practice and accepted standards presented at the National Bird and Wildlife Hazard Committee.

The presence of wildlife on and in the vicinity of an aerodrome poses a serious threat to flight safety, which can result in accidents, serious incidents and economic loss. It is essential that the aviation industry continues to focus efforts on formulating effective strategies in preventing and mitigating the risk of what we now call ‘wildlife strikes’. The 71-page document contains many in-depth details of over 40 birds and animals commonly found in the vicinity of Irish aerodromes. The details of each of the species also contain identification markings, locations most likely to be found, food, breeding times and most importantly, scaring tactics for dispersal. The full document can be found here.

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