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ILAS Mid-Summer Fly-In June 22nd 2019

By Mike Ryan

Our Mid-Summer Fly-In was scheduled this year for Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of June. Saturday went ahead as planned, however due to poor weather conditions, the Sunday event was postponed, but will be rescheduled to a later date to be confirmed.  Keep an eye on the website for updates.

The first arrivals came by road on Friday evening and set up camping in the field. Gyrocopter, EI-BSG, was assembled and had its first flight of the event. Volunteers were busy helping and setting up for the morning. Being the longest day of the year, a local microlight, EI-EPK, flew in around 9.30 pm for a cup of tea and chat before heading off again.

Saturday morning was a little more cloudy than expected at the field, but much better than our nearby Waterford airport friends who reported a 1000ft cloud base and were unable to fly until the afternoon.  The weather further inland with headwinds gave a slower start in the morning, but by 11 o’clock aircraft started to arrive and things got underway. Runway 18 was active and the winds at the field were south easterly. As the day improved and the sun shone, pilots took advantage of this and went for flights in the local area, some towards Wexford and others along the coast.

Our new clubhouse which arrived only days before had been put in place and was up and running due to the hard work of our volunteers. Tea, coffee and buns were on the go constantly. The BBQ was fired up around 12:30 and food was served between 1pm and 8pm. Aircraft were arriving in stages throughout the afternoon and later into the evening but most were able to meet up with friends, have a chat and catch up.

A total of 25 aircraft arrived over the course of the day with the last, EI-GGE, flying in at 7:45 pm from Limetree. Thanks to all who came and supported us on the day and everyone who helped in making this such a successful event. Hope to see you all for our next fly-in.

List of Aircraft – photos provided by Ken Meegan



EI-BDX Rollason Druine D.62A Condor

G-CIUI Best Off SkyRanger 912

Visitors (Apologies for incomplete list, as some late arrivals were not photographed and are not included below)

EI-ANY Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub

EI-AYR Schleicher ASK-16

EI-BSG Bensen B.8O Gyrocopter

EI-DIY Vans RV-4

EI-DOB Zenair CH.701 STOL

EI-FDF Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXL

EI-FDO Jabiru UL-D Calypso

EI-FGU Best Off SkyRanger 912S

EI-GGE BRM Land Africa Citius (no link available)

EI-GWY Cessna 172R

EI-GWY Cessna 172R

EI-JIM Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XLA

EI-SMK Zenair CH.701 STOL

EI-SYM Vans Rv-7

EI-SYM Vans RV-7

G-BBTH Cessna 172M

G-BRTJ Cessna 150F

G-BRTJ Cessna 150F


G-ESTR Vans RV-6

G-FFEN Cessna F150M

G-FFEN Cessna F150M

N370WC Piper PA-32

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