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Aircraft Register Update May 2019

Photo above: EI-GKY is the first Rotorsport UK Cavalon to be registered in Ireland and will be based in Ardfert, Co. Kerry. Rotorsport UK.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-GIM 14-May Boeing 737-86Q, (30289), ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd., Formerly VP-CNG, LN-NOO, OY-SEJ.
EI-GKY 10-May Rotorsport UK Cavalon., (RSUK/CVLN/031), Jeask Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GOF 15-May Airbus A319-112, (2762), STLC Europe Fifteen Leasing Ltd., Formerly D-ASTO, B-6229.
EI-GOG 15-May Airbus A319-112, (2774), STLC Europe Fifteen Leasing Ltd., Formerly D-ASTN, B-6230.

LN-NOO is a former Norwegian B.737-800 which went on to Cayman Airlines and has now become EI-GIM and registered to ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-EPG 10-May Boeing 737-8AS, (34985), Bluesky 4 Leasing Company Ltd., Gone to D-ASXY.
EI-EYM 27-May Airbus A319-111, (2497), Celestial Aviation Trading 37 Ltd., Gone to JY-AYZ.
EI-FGX 01-May Boeing 737-3Q8, (28054), Aircraft 23810 QC Holdings Ltd., Gone to N54AU.
EI-FJG 31-May Boeing 737-8JP, (37818), TC Skyward Aviation Ireland Ltd., Gone to G-DRTO.
EI-FZG 15-May Boeing 737-800, (44780), Ryanair DAC., Gone to SP-RSY.
EI-GCA 20-May Embraer ERJ 190-200 LR, (19000069), Celestial Aviation Trading 69 Ltd., Gone to UR-EMF.
EI-GGC 15-May Embraer ERJ 190-200 LR, (19000213), Stobart Air Unlimited Company, Gone to OY-GDA.
EI-GKM 01-May Airbus A320-232, (3010), WWTAI Airopco II DAC., Gone to VN-AS582.
EI-GKX 31-May Boeing 737-8K5, (39093), Fitzroya Issuance DAC., Gone to D-ASZX.
EI-PGH 31-May Dudek Synthesis LT Paraglider, (P-07518), Raymond Leslie, Removed from Service.
EI-RJT 28-May Avro RJ85, (E2366), Cityjet DAC., Gone to N430AC.
EI-RJX 14-May Avro RJ85, (E2372), Cityjet DAC., Gone to N403AC.
EI-WXA 16-May Avro RJ85, (E2310), Cityjet DAC., Removed from Service scrapped
EI-XLK 29-May Boeing 747-412, (29950), VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Removed from Service scrapped

EI-RJT and EI-RJX both former Cityjet aircraft have been sold in the US and are due to be converted for fire-bombing duties. EI-RJX was photographed on 19-04-2019 at the Cityjet hanger in Dublin devoid of the ‘Leinster Rugby’ markings which it had carried since July 2012. EI-RJT is seen below in basic Cityjet colours departing for Keflavik on the first leg of its journey to new owners on the 21-05-2019. Alan Dwyer

EI-EPG, ex Ryanair B.737-800 has gone to D-ASXY with Sun Express Germany. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-BUC 28-May Sambell RS Jodel D9, (PFA 929 RLSI), Michael Blake.
EI-DKE 10-May Air Creation Kiss 450-582 (1), AO4172-4187), Aidan Duffy, Stephen Smith.
EI-GGE 10-May BRM Land Africa (Citius), (0004/07), Paul Michael Finlay.
EI-GMG 16-May Glasflugel Ing Eugen Hanle Standard Livelle 201B, (180), The Dragonfliers.
EI-ODD 16-May Bell 206B, (3627), Newcastle Logistics Ltd.

Glasflugel Ing Eugen Hanle Standard Livelle 201B. Ian Thompson.

Bell 206B EI-ODD has new owners but continues to be based at Newcastle Airfield. Michael Kelly.

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