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Published on September 14th, 2018 | by Alan Dwyer


Publication – In Weston Skies by Bob Montgomery

Private aviation in Ireland all but ceased during World War two and was slow to re-emerge in the early 1950s. Weston Aerodrome established itself as the centre of private aviation in Ireland at this time and the formation of the Aero Club of Ireland there in 1953 was a significant step forward.

A leading light at Weston at that time was David Montgomery – a contemporary of the legendary ‘Darby’ Kennedy, David was a businessman, flying enthusiast and instructor, part-time aviation writer, Honorary Secretary of the Aero Club of Ireland, of which he had been one of the founders, and an inspiration to many who took to the skies. Bob Montgomery’s latest book IN WESTON SKIES is a personal memoir of this time as seen through the eyes of a young boy whose life was suddenly turned upside down by the death of his father in a flying accident.

Written 60 years after that tragic incident, the story evaluates the significance of David Montgomery’s contribution to private aviation in Ireland while also capturing the atmosphere and excitement of the era. Bob Montgomery: “I have had this story waiting to come out for a long time. As a child I grew up with an aerodrome as a playground and a Dad who wanted to share his love of flying with not only me but so many others. It was a very exciting time to say the least. My parents took me flying for the first time when I was two and a half years old and this continued right up to his untimely death. It took me some time after his death to fully realise what a significant figure he had been in private aviation in Ireland. This story is really my father’s. It is told from his own notes and photographs, the Log Books he keep for me, as well as my own memories.”

Bob Montgomery at the launch of his new book, In Weston Skies, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport on 13th September. Photo: Paul Kolbe.

IN WESTON SKIES combines Bob’s personal memories, with his father’s unique collection of photographs, and excerpts from David Montgomery’s own notes on the exploits of his fellow Aero Club of Ireland contemporaries, many of which appeared regularly as articles in the now long-gone Evening Mail newspaper.Bob Montgomery is widely known as Ireland’s foremost motoring historian. He also has an interest and involvement in aviation since childhood. His previous aviation title, EARLY AVIATION IN IRELAND, told for the first time the story of the pioneering years of aviation in Ireland. The author of twelve books and numerous smaller publications, he is Curator of the Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive and is well known for his columns in The Irish Times, Flying in Ireland and Irish Vintage Scene magazine.

Priced €25.00, ISBN: 978-1-90277332-2. The book is available from major bookshops or directly from Bob Montgomery at

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