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Aircraft Register Update July 2018

Former Cimber Airways CRJ-900 was previously operated on lease to SAS. It has now been registered EI-GEB with Cityjet so will most likely continue to be operated on the SAS routes taken over by Cityjet. Alan Dwyer.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-GEB 09-Jul Bombardier CL-600-2D24, (15231), Cityjet DAC. Formerly ‘OY-KFF
EI-GGK 11-Jul Boeing 737-8, (64606), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 8 Ltd., New aircraft.
EI-GGU 23-Jul Airbus A320-214, (2388), Genesis Ireland Aviation Trading 4 Ltd., Formerly EC-JFF.
EI-GGW 27-Jul Boeing 737-86N, (36548), Oriental Leasing 17 Company Ltd., Formerly ‘B-5510.
EI-SIG 26-Jul Airbus A320-251N, (8333), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., New aircraft.

EC-JFF has taken up EI-GGU with Genesis Ireland Aviation Trading 4 Ltd. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-CMD 03-Jul Boeing 767-324, (27392), Spectre Overseas Aircraft Ltd., Gone to N739DH.
EI-ESA 24-Jul Airbus A330-223, (1002), Amentum Aircraft Leasing No. Seven Ltd., Gone to VP-BUB.
EI-FJI 30-Jul Boeing 737-8JP, (37817), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Gone to HL7395.
EI-GFM 10-Jul Airbus A330-223, (1112), Aircraft Portfolio Holding Company No. 2 Ltd., Gone to 9M-MTZ.
EI-RUH 16-Jul Boeing 737-8K5, (28228), Vardy Ltd., Gone to G-DRTE.
EI-RUI 09-Jul Boeing 737-85P, (28387), Vardy Ltd., Gone to G-DRTF
EI-UNH 31-Jul Boeing 737-524, (28916), TFM Aviation Ltd., Gone to VQ-BOO.
EI-UNU 31-Jul Boeing 777-212, (28998), VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Removed from Service.

EI-CMD was operated on the Irish register while with Blue Panorama. The aircraft has now been sold to DHL and will become N739DH when converted to a freighter. Alan Dwyer.

EI-RUI was flown by Transaero until their demise in October 2015, it was then stored at Tereul in Spain until it was acquired by Jet2 in the UK. The aircraft is seen arriving in Dublin back in April 2018 for pre-delivery work. It has now become G-DRTF with Jet2. Alan Dwyer.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-AEI 12-Jul Aeronca 65-TAC, (C1661TA), Frank McMorrow, Patrick McLouglin, Leo Smyth.
EI-CML 27-Jul Cessna 150M, (150-76786), Ludwig Kapser.
EI-CSG 30-Jul Boeing 737-8AS, (29922), Sapphire Leasing I (AOE 5) Ltd.
EI-CUS 16-Jul Bell AB 206 B, (8721), Harold Hassard.
EI-OFM 12-Jul Cessna F172N, (F17201988), 21st Century Flyers Company Ltd

EI-OFM has changed owner to 21st Century Flyers Ltd. Alan Dwyer.

EI-CML has now changed owner to Ludwig Kasper. Alan Dwyer.

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