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Aircraft Register Update June 2018

Airbus A330-202 EI-GGP pictured following painting in Dublin in Air Italy colours prior to an early morning departure. This aircraft previously operated for Qatar Airways as A7-ACD. Paul Quinn.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-PCI 22-Jun Bell 206B, (4072), Marketside Ltd., EI-PCI
EI-FWG 27-Jun Sukhoi RRJ95, (95120), Cityjet DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-FYH 26-Jun Boeing 737-8,(64992), Norwegian Air International Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GEG 08-Jun Embraer 190-200 LR, (19000029), Aldus Portfolio B Ltd., Formerly PK-KDA, G-FBEA.
EI-GEU 13-Jun Boeing 777-31HER, (32710), Altair Aviation No. 3 Ltd., Formerly A6-EBP.
EI-GFO 08-Jun Airbus A319-112, (2446), SASOF III (C) Aviation Ireland DAC., Formerly VP-BDZ, G-EZIE.
EI-GGC 19-Jun Embraer 190-200 LR, (19000213), Stobart Air UnLtd., Company, Formerly G-FBEN.
EI-GGD 20-Jun Airbus A320-232, (2724), GPFC Ireland Ltd., Formerly 9V-TAE.
EI-GGH 28-Jun Leonardo AW169, (69060), LCI Helicopters Eighteen Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GGP 01-Jun Airbus A330-202, (521), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Formerly A7-ACD.
EI-GGS 05-Jun Leonardo AW139, (31461), LCI Helicopters (Labuan) Ltd., Formerly 9M-WAP, I-RAIP.
EI-GSB 01-Jun Boeing 737-800, (44842), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-NEW 27-Jun Boeing 787-9, (38791), ILFC Ireland Ltd., New Aircraft.

Bell 206B EI-PCI has been reregistered having been deregistered by the IAA in 2014. It was pictured in Weston back in 2004. Mark Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-EJZ 22-Jun Airbus A330-223, (979), Amentum Aircraft Leasing No. Six Ltd., Gone to VP-BUA.
EI-FSP 14-Jun Airbus A330-322, (096), SASOF III (A12) Aviation Ireland DAC., Gone to 9H-AGU.
EI-GFD 13-Jun Airbus A330-223, (444), ILFC Aircraft 33A-444 Ltd., Gone to F-HTIC.
EI-GFJ 25-Jun Airbus A330-223, (828), Blowfishfunding Ltd., Gone to 9M-MTW.
EI-GFW 15-Jun Airbus A320-214, (1615), SASOF II (C) Aviation Ireland Ltd., Gone to SX-EMY.
EI-GGD 28-Jun Airbus A320-232, (2724), GPFC Ireland Ltd., Gone to SX-ODS.
EI-GGF 13-Jun Boeing 737-8F2, (34409), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland Leasing 3 Ltd., Gone to 9H-TJA.
EI-SLO 14-Jun ATR 42-320, (121), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to  BULGARIA.

Air Contractors / ASL Airlines ATR42 EI-SLO has been operating for the company since 2015. It has now been deregistered to Bulgaria. Malcolm Nason.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-EPE 19-Jun Boeing 737-8AS, (34984), Bluesky 4 Leasing Company Ltd.
EI-EPG 19-Jun Boeing 737-8AS, (34985), Bluesky 4 Leasing Company Ltd.
EI-FMF 25-Jun American Champion Bellanca 7GCAA, (339-77), Citabria Flying Group.
EI-FSZ 06-Jun Pipistrel Virus 912, (132VN912), Joe Tierney.
EI-FXV 06-Jun Best Off Skyranger Nynja 912S(1), (16090219), Killian Kiernan.

Former Ryanair aircraft EI-EPE and EI-EPG have been deregistered. Both aircraft have been in storage at Prestwick since March. Steve Blood.

SkyRanger Nynja EI-FXV has had an owner change but remains in the country. It is now based in Co. Cavan.

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