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Aircraft Register Update April 2018

This months aircraft register is dominated by commercial aircraft with no light aircraft featured at all. One of those new to the register was EI-SIF, the sixth A320neo to be added to the register and the sixth aircraft for SAS Ireland. Alan Dwyer.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-GEA 06-Apr Bombardier CL-600-2D24, (15224), Cityjet DAC., Formerly OY-KFE.
EI-GES 11-Apr Boeing 777-31HER, (32706), Aercap Ireland Ltd., Formerly A6-EBA.
EI-GEY 06-Apr Airbus A330-202, (441), Wilmington Trust Sp Services Ltd., Formerly A7-ACH.
EI-GJN 11-Apr Boeing 737-800, (44838), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJO 19-Apr Boeing 737-800, (44833), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJP 23-Apr Boeing 737-800, (44834), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJR 27-Apr Boeing 737-800, (44835), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJS 26-Apr Boeing 737-800, (44836), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-SIF 12-Apr Airbus A320-251N, (8109), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., New Aircraft.

Former Qatari Airbus A330-202 A7-ACH has now become EI-GEY and will shortly be delivered to Aer Lingus. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-ECD 11-Apr Boeing 737-8FH, (30826), Airspeed Ireland Leasing 16 Ltd., Gone to HL8303.
EI-ENZ 18-Apr Boeing 737-8AS, (40308), Hantan Aviation Leasing Ltd., Gone to HL8306.
EI-FHG 24-Apr Boeing 737-86N, (37884), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Gone to OK-TST.
EI-FXO 23-Apr Airbus A320-214, (5240), Latam Ireland Aircraft DAC., Gone to PR-MYW.
EI-GCI 11-Apr Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW, (19000262), Aldus Portfolio Leasing Ltd., Gone to South Africa.
EI-GFF 09-Apr Airbus A330-223, (0469), ILFC Aircraft 33A-469 Ltd., Gone to EC-MTU.
EI-GFG 20-Apr Airbus A330-223, (0493), Fortress Ireland Leasing Ltd., Gone to F-HTAC.

Boeing 737-86N EI-FHG has been operating for Norwegian Air International but has now been cancelled and now operates for Travel Service as OK-TST. Alan Dwyer.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-ENZ 04-Apr Boeing 737-8AS, (40308), Hantan Aviation Leasing Ltd.
EI-FGN 27-Apr Boeing 767-3BG, (30564), WWTAI Airopco II DAC.
EI-RUJ 20-Apr Boeing 737-81Q, (29049), Vardy Ltd.

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-ENZ changed ownership to Hantan Aviation Leasing Ltd. shortly before it was cancelled from the register. It is now registered as HL8306 and operates for Tway Airlines. Alejandro Hdez Leon.

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