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Daily Aviation Brief – 30/03/2017

Acumen Aviation Blog Posts:

Airbus establishes new training facility in India to meet growing demand:

Acumen Aviation Announces Launch Of EMPower:

Bombardier CS Series completes landmark flights:

China Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 27 March:  

Global Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 27 March:

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 27 March:

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 27 March:

Aircraft Update:

OE-IFB Boeing 747-4B5ERF c/n 33516 Altavair AirFinance air-test at Victorville 25/03/17 prior delivery to ASL Airlines Belgium.

OE-IFD Boeing 747-4B5ERF c/n 33945 Altavair AirFinance air-test at Victorville 25/03/17 prior delivery to ASL Airlines Belgium.

9V-SLK Airbus A320-233 c/n 3821 Silk Air Ferried Singapore-Sharjah-Athens-Shannon-Kemble 25-27/03/17 for part-out & scrap.

Irish Aviation Research Institute Blog Posts:

Dublin Airport Launches No Drone Zone: 

Global Aviation News:

American Air to Invest $200 Million in China Southern Deal

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Intensifying competition in airline industry

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Long Haul Low Cost operations from Central Europe

Read more: Read more:

Lufthansa Warns Brexit to Hit U.K. Airlines as EU Plays Tough

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Made-In-India Dornier 228 Civilian Plane Set To Take Flight In May 

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New airline faced delay on take-off

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Pratt to Supply Spare Engines as Turbofan Glitches Persist

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Qatar Air Chief Accelerates India Push, Plans New Routes to U.K.

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Skift Forum Europe: Norwegian Air Hopes Its Low-Cost Revolution Is Just Beginning

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The Boeing 747 Will Struggle For Years To Come

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Turkish Airlines Defers Airbus Aircraft Beyond 2020

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Virgin Atlantic Braces for a Loss and Blames the Pound

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When transatlantic airfares cost $65, someone needs to foot the bill 

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777-300ers a game change for KC

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Irish Aviation News:

Across the Aisle from IAG CEO Willie Walsh on Why His Long-Haul, Low-Cost Airline Will Work While Others Won’t

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Christine Ourmieres-Widener joins ERA Board

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Companies in unique collaboration to invent new aircraft seat

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Datalex revenues surge on back of moves into Chinese market

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Six-in-a-row record for Belfast International

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SMBC Aviation Capital and Sky Airline complete three A320neo aircraft deal

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Tweets of the day:

@airwayslive Branson says that AS will have to continue to pay a licensing fee til 2040 regardless of whether they use the Virgin America brand or not.

@e_russell  $ALK will decide on whether it will remain an Airbus operator (after leases expire) by the end of 2017, says CFO Pedersen.

@e_russell  “We think we’re going to be a wonderful, value-based airline somewhere in the middle there,” says $ALK. Between all-Y and lie-flat products.

@e_russell  “The Airbus airplanes will be with us for a long time,” says $ALK CFO Pedersen referring to the fact that VX A320 leases continue thru 2024.

@emirates Emirates makes history as our @Airbus A380 lands in 3 new cities in 3 continents in 1 day #A380Casablanca #A380Narita #A380SaoPaulo.

@winglets747 Ryanair on post-Brexit aviation policy: “the UK Government seems to have no plan B” .

‏‏‏‏Today’s Videos Picks:

Airborne 03.29.17: F-16 Makes A Move, Sumwalt to NTSB, DJI Proposes Drone IDs

Airlines Speed Up Lost Luggage Recovery Process

An interview with Mbuvi Ngunze, CEO, Kenya Airlines

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Comfort in the Sky

Electric Propulsion in Aviation

Marenco Swisshelicopter’s All-Carbon-Fiber SKYe-SH09 is a 21st Century Helicopter – AINtv

Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs discuss the impact of Brexit on airlines.

TVAC chamber testing – European Aviation Network satellite


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