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European Aviation Wellbeing Conference 2022

Date: October 21, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport

Bringing together aviation experts to address wellbeing challenges and solutions around the human factors, people culture and safety within aviation industry.

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The European Aviation Wellbeing Conference 2022 will gather industry professionals across all sectors, roles and levels within aviation to bring a unique insight into the human challenges and opportunities within the aviation industry, and attempt to address key questions such as:

  • Does the Aviation industry need to adapt to the needs of their people? Or do we need to flex to serve the industry?
  • Can we continue to strive towards changing our environment – or will we simply learn to accept the unacceptable as being embedded, and an immovable part of this Industry?

The focus of the Conference will be to dissect, explore and understand the practical side of wellbeing, which is still not fully understood and still perceived as a complex concept by many. Our line of guest speakers will also address what does and does not work in modern aviation – separating the myth from the reality, with the practical tools available to us.

The Conference will offer a uniquely interactive platform where guests, speakers and attendees will become “As-One”, with the objective that all voices will influence positive change. You will enjoy the freedom of participating actively in the conversation, sharing and discussing perspectives, opportunities, personal experiences and failures, together with our chosen guest speakers.

“We hold a strong belief that only from personal experience in the industry and a deep understanding of our specific environment, we can bring solutions that are practical and sustainable and that matches the daily challenges of our industry. Only through collective cooperation we can influence sustainable positive change across all levels in the industry” – Valentina Fitzpatrick, EAWC Founder.

The EAWC conference is the European industry-driven platform that focuses on identifying human challenges and addressing solutions of transformation and growth that will lead to a robust and holistic wellbeing culture in aviation.

Who will participate

  • Airline Directors, Management & Supervisors
  • Approved Training Organisations (ATO’s)
  • Airline HR
  • Safety Instructors
  • Ground Operations
  • ATC Instructors
  • SIM Instructors
  • Air Accident Investigators
  • AC Engineering Management
  • CRM Instructors
  • Crew Control Management
  • Aero-Medical Staff
  • Flight Training School Management

Individuals seeking to enhance their awareness in the fields of wellbeing, safety and human performance in aviation.

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What to expect on the day

Breakfast & Lunch Included

Special Parking Rate (please let us know if commuting by car in advance)

Networking Sessions during breakfast, lunch and after the event

About the Author

Mark is an airline pilot flying the Boeing 737 for a major European airline. In addition he is also a Type Rating Instructor, Type Rating Examiner and Base Training Captain on the B737. Outside of commercial flying Mark enjoys flying light aircraft from the smallest 3 Axis microlights up to heavier singles. He is also an instructor and EASA Examiner on single engines and a UK CAA Examiner. He flies the Chipmunk for the Irish Historic Flight Foundation (IHFF). Mark became the Chairman of the National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI) in 2013 and has overseen a massive growth in the organisation. In this role he has worked at local and national levels. In 2015, Mark won ‘Upcoming Aviation Professional Award’ at the Aviation Industry Awards sponsored by the IAA. Mark launched this website back in 2002 while always managing the website, he has also been Editor and Deputy Editor of FlyingInIreland Magazine from 2005 to 2015.

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