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IASA Career Expo 2022

After the successful launch of the 2019 careers expedition, the Irish Aviation Students’ Association (IASA) team hosted its third career expo in Croke Park Dublin on the 12th of October 2022. The 2 year long hiatus following the outbreak of Covid-19 meant that this event was unforgettable and highly anticipated among young aviation and business professionals. The event brought over 25 exhibitors from a range of business, law, and aviation companies such as KPMG, Atlantic Aviation Group and Ryanair. Over 700 second-level students, third-level students, and young aviation/business professionals attended the highly successful event.

The event specifically invited all second-level students far and wide to attend from 10:00-12:00. The team aim to work towards empowering the next generation of aviation professionals from second-level. This was a huge success, with many second-level students leaving with a broad knowledge of what each company had to offer. The event re-opened from 13:00 until close for third-level students and more to meet exhibitors and attend our exciting seminars. The many exhibitors and seminars allowed every attendee the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the aviation and business industry, through third-level degrees and apprenticeships, various job opportunities for third-level students, internships in the industry, as well as fresh graduates who are just about to embark into their own careers.

The exhibition seminars catered for over 60 people to attend, they had informative talks and presentations from world-leading companies and organisations such as LinkedIn, AFTA Flight Training Academy, Ryanair and the Irish Air Corps. Attendees across the day really enjoyed these talks, as they were exposed to the various opportunities within each company as well as preparation opportunities, a CV clinic to have their CV assessed by HR professionals. This event was a fantastic opportunity for all attendees to connect and network with a multitude of aviation and business professionals nationally. IASA’s goal is to provide tools to better prepare students for a career in aviation, as well as provide students with the opportunity to connect with other aviation enthusiasts! All these goals were effectively captured in the success of the highly anticipated 2022 Careers expo in Croke Park. IASA look forward to the next careers expo and everyone can be thankful that the future of aviation is in safe hands.

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