Published on May 5th, 2022 | by Alan Dwyer


Almost 2.4 Million Passengers Passed Through Dublin Airport in April

Almost 2.4 million passengers travelled through Dublin Airport during April, an increase of 2.3 million passengers when compared to last year when travel restrictions were in full force. It is 85% of the passenger numbers seen pre-COVID19 in April 2019. It is also a sizable increase on the 1.86m that passed through in March which was 24% lower than the 2019 figures for March 2019. With the busy summer season starting at the end of March, almost 6.6m passengers have now travelled through Dublin Airport this year and that is around 70% of the pre-COVID levels in 2019. The daa has said that passenger numbers are continuing to rebound faster as the year continues with consumer demand for travel increases again.

During April, passenger volumes to and from Continental Europe saw an increase of 1.3m versus the same month last year. That number was down by just -7% when compared with April 2019. UK traffic reached almost 700k in April – an increase of 665k on the same month last year, and around 80% when compared to April 2019.

Passenger volumes to and from North America were also at around 70% versus 2019, as 242k passengers travelled on transatlantic routes. That was a nearly 100% increase from last year when there was virtually no US passenger traffic in April 2021 with travel restrictions at the highest level.

International passenger traffic to the Middle East totalled 57k which was 29% lower than in 2019. Domestic routes have increased by 38% versus 2019, to 11k.

Dublin Airport will build up to 180 destinations worldwide this year, served by 44 airlines as the aviation sector continues to rebuild from the impact of COVID-19. The daa continues to advise passengers travelling to the UK and Europe to arrive 2.5 hours prior to departure an 3.5 hours for long haul flights as delays continue for passengers at busy times.


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