Published on March 9th, 2022 | by Alan Dwyer


1.3 Million Passengers Pass Through Dublin in February

Dublin Airport saw 1.3 million passengers pass through the airport during February. This was a massive increase of 1.2 million more than those who used the airport a year ago when COVID travel restrictions were at their height. This year’s numbers are still 35% lower than the pre-COVID numbers of February 2020. Over 2.3m passengers have now travelled through Dublin Airport in the first two months of the year, representing a 44% decrease when compared to pre-COVID levels in 2020.

Passenger volumes to and from Continental Europe totalled 755,000 in February, an increase of 693,000 versus the same month last year, but down 26% compared with February 2020. The number of passengers travelling to and from the UK in February totalled 443,000, an increase of 423,000 compared to February 2021, but down 43% compared to the same month in 2020. Passengers volumes to and from North America remained subdued in February. In total, 90,000 passengers travelled on transatlantic routes in the month, which was 76,000 passengers more than in February 2021, but 50% lower when compared to pre-Covid levels in 2020.

Other international activity also remains considerably below pre-COVID 19 levels. Other international passengers totalled 34,000 in February, which was 25,000 higher than a year previous, but 44% lower when compared to February 2020. When it comes to domestic activity, the number of passengers flying on domestic routes in February amounted to 5,000. That was an increase of 4,500 on the same month last year, but still 25% lower in comparison with February 2020.


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