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Aircraft Register Update October & November 2021

ICP Savannah EI-GYD was registered to FunFly Aerosports Flying Club in October and is at Clonbullogue. It was photographed recently at Kilrush Airfield by Gerry Barron.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-AZB19-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (29225), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly N529AC.
EI-AZC23-NovBoeing 737-800, (30877), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly N877CS.
EI-GWZ04-NovAirbus A350-941, (228), SMBC Aviation Capital, Formerly RP-C3503.
EI-GXZ19-NovAirbus A320-223, (4457), FPG Amentum 4457 Ltd., Formerly 9V-SLM.
EI-GYD08-OctICP Savannah S, (21-07-54-0799), Funfly Aerosports Flying Club, New.
EI-GYF18-NovAirbus A320-232, (5090), Macquarie Aviation Finance., Formerly VT-IES.
EI-GYG08-OctAirbus A319-111, (3343), Constitution Aircraft Leasing (IRE) Ltd., Formerly EC-KOY.
EI-GYK16-NovIkarus C42, (1603-7433), Brendan Gurnett, Donal Horan, Formerly D-MRRC.
EI-GYL04-NovPiper Pa-22-1160, (22-6711), Pat McCabe, Formerly G-APUR.
EI-GYP25-NovBoeing 737-8K5, (35137), Wilmington Trust SP Services, Formerly EW-543PA.
EI-GZA16-NovBoeing 737-8, (42837), Wilmington Trust SP Services, New.
EI-GZB18-NovBoeing 737-8, (42839), Wilmington Trust SP Services, New.
EI-GZC20-NovBoeing 737-8, (42841), Wilmington Trust SP Services, New.
EI-HAW15- NovBoeing 737-8200, (65078), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-HAX12-NovBoeing 737-8200, (65080), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-HAY17-NovBoeing 737-8200, (65079), Ryanair DAC, New.
EI-HHA10-NovRobin HR.200, (286), Rhys Kellett , Formerly G-BZXK.
EI-KBA11-NovAirbus A320-232, (5401), Saryarka Aviation Ltd., Formerly P4-KBA.
EI-KBE19-OctAirbus A320-232, (5968), Goshawk Leasing Ltd., Formerly P4-KBE 
EI-KBK11-NovAirbus A320-271N, (9459) Wilmington Trust SP Services, Formerly P4-KBK.
EI-KBL09-NovAirbus A320-271N, (9574), Wilmington Trust SP Services, Formerly P4-KBL
EI-KBM21-OctAirbus A320-271N, (10005), Wilmington Trust SP Services, Formerly P4-KBM.
EI-KBN11-NovAirbus A320-232, (6343), Jetair 19 Ltd., Formerly P4-KBN.
EI-KDA18-OctAirbus A321-231, (5357), SFI MSN5357 DAC, Formerly P4-KDA.
EI-KDC29-NovAirbus A320-271N, (7567), Cesium Funding Ltd., Formerly P4-KDC.
EI-KDE30-NovAirbus A320-271N, (8090), ALC Aircraft Ltd., Formerly P4-KDE.
EI-KGE30-NovAirbus A320-271N, (10176), ALC Aircraft Ltd., Formerly P4-KGE.
EI-KHA20-OctERJ-190-300, (19020012), Sky Funding Leasing 1 Ltd., Formerly P4-KHA.
EI-KHB30-NovERJ-190-300, (19020013), Sky Funding Leasing 1 Ltd., Formerly P4-KHB.
EI-SIA07-OctAirbus A320-251N, (7897), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., Formerly SE-DYC.
EI-SIC28-OctAirbus A320-251N, (7979), Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ltd., Formerly SE-DYM.
EI-SON18-OctATR 72-201, (195), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly ZS-XCK
EI-STC08-OctBoeing 737-476, (24446), ASL Airlines (IRE) Ltd., Formerly HA-FAZ.
EI-UMB06-OctAmpyx Power AP-3,(AP-3A02), Ampyx Power Ireland Ltd., New.
Amazon Prime Boeing 737-8AS pictured here at Shannon as N529AC was subsequently registered EI-AZB to ASL Airlines. This is the second Irish registration for this aircraft having originally been delivered to Ryanair as EI-CSJ in 2000. It left the airline in 2008 and went on to operate for a number of other airlines before being converted to a freighter earlier this year. Malcolm Nason.
Another aircraft to return to the register is Airbus A320neo EI-SIC which was originally delivered new to SAS Ireland at the end of 2017. It was then transferred to Sweden as SE-DYM before returning as EI-SIC at the end of October. Alan Dwyer.
Robin HR.200 G-BZXK has been operating in Ireland for a number of years and has now taken up the registration EI-HHA. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-BPL26-NovCessna F-172K, (34178), Phoenix Flying Group., Gone to Turkey.
EI-CSI28-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (29924), Sapphire Leasing I (AOE4) Ltd., Removed from Service.
EI-DEC09-NovAirbus A320-214, (2217), Wilmington Trust SP Services, Removed from Service.
EI-DLJ04-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (34177), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKF.
EI-DPM28-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33640), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKH
EI-DWL20-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33618), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKD.
EI-DYM12-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (36575), Ryanair DAC, Gone to G-RUKG.
EI-EDY01-OctAirbus A330-302, (1025), Aer Lingus Ltd., Gone to G-EIDY
EI-ENB13-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (40298), Ryanair DAC., Gone to G-RUKC.
EI-EUE25-NovAirbus A320-232, (1407), Wilmington Trust SP Services, Gone to N1407F.
EI-EUK25-NovAirbus A320-230, (1979), AerCap Ireland DAC., Gone to N197AE.
EI-EWR29-NovAirbus A330-202, (330), AerCap Ireland Ltd., Gone to N330AD.
EI-FNA30-NovATR 72-212, (1325), Celestial Aviation Trading 62 Ltd., Gone to SX-OBJ.
EI-FHW08-OctBoeing 737-8JP, (39007), Orix aircraft Management Ltd., Gone to LN-DYS.
EI-FHZ21-OctBoeing 737-8JP, (39005). Norwegian Air International  Ltd., Gone to LN-DYM.
EI-FVR08-NovBoeing 737-800, (42279), SkyHigh LXXI Leasing Company Ltd.,Gone to OE-IER.
EI-GUE28-OctAirbus A320-214, (5318), Bank of America Leasing Ireland, Gone to OE-ICL.
EI-GUF28-OctAirbus A320-214, (5319), Bank of America Leasing Ireland, Gone to OE-IWD.
EI-GVI28-OctAirbus A320-232, (4174), JLPS Leasing Stella Ltd., Gone to 9H-AMU.
EI-GVU25-NovBoeing 737-7K2, (38125), Horizon Aviation 1 Ltd., Gone to HC-CXB.
EI-GWE29-NovBoeing 737-8K5, (34686), Wilmington Trust SP Services., Gone to N686BB.
EI-LAX28-OctAirbus A330-202, (269), Aer Lingus Ltd., Removed from Service.
EI-LRH30-NovAirbus A321-253NX, (10319), Aer Lingus Ltd., Gone to G-EIRH
EI-WLA18-NovBoeing 777-3Q8ER, (35793), Aer Cap Ireland Ltd., Gone to VQ-BZB.
Boeing 737-8AS EI-DLJ is one of five Ryanair 737’s that have transferred to Ryanair UK. Following the UK’s exit from the EU, it will be no longer possible to base non-UK registered aircraft in the UK from 2023 onwards. There are currently seven aircraft on the Ryanair UK AOC, G-RUKA, B, C, D, F, G and H. Alan Dwyer.
Aer Lingus also transferred two aircraft to their UK AOC in October and November. A330 EI-EDY has become G-EIDY while Airbus A321neo EI-LRH has become G-EIRH.
EI-FNA ATR72-212A (1325) arrived into Shanon from Ljubljana 4/11/21 in Aer Lingus Regional/Stobart Air colours for painting. Rolled out 12/11/21 in Olympic Air colours to be SX-OBJ. Dep to Ljubljana 13/11/21. Malcolm Nason

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-COW18-OctICP Savannah S, (20-10-54-0736), Craddenstown Airfield CLG
EI-DAM04-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33719), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd.
EI-DAR23-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33552), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd.
EI-DAS03-NovBoeing 737-8AS, (33553), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd.
EI-DCI21-OctBoeing 737-8AS, (33567), Incline IIB Shannon 11 Ltd.
EI-EMV03-NovCzech Sportscruiser, (07-053), Joseph O’Toole, Brian Lynch.
EI-FGF22-NovIkarus C42, (9907-6192), Vincent Boyd, Michael Costello.
EI-GEU26-OctBoeing 777-31HER, (32710), SASOF V (A1) Aviation Ireland Ltd.
EI-GPF05-NovIkarus C42C, (9107-3348), Kenneth Clarke, Brian McCafferty.
EI-GPN14-OctATR 72-212A, (1300), Emerald Airlines Ireland Ltd.
EI-IKB03-NovAirbus A320-214, (1226), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IKF04-NovAirbus A320-214, (1473), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IKL19-NovAirbus A320-214, (1489), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IKU09-NovAirbus A320-214, (1217), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMB16-NovAirbus A319-214, (2033), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMC10-NovAirbus A319-214, (2057), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMD02-NovAirbus A319-214, (2074), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IME08-NovAirbus A319-214, (1740), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMF04-NovAirbus A319-214, (2083), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMG01-NovAirbus A319-214, (2086), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMH17-NovAirbus A319-214, (2101), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMI18-NovAirbus A319-214, (1745), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMJ03-NovAirbus A319-214, (1779), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IML05-NovAirbus A319-214, (2127), FTAI Italia DAC.
EI-IMO05-NovAirbus A319-214, (1770), FTAI Italia DAC.
Czech Aircraft Works Sportscruiser EI-EMV has had a change of owner to Colin O’Toole.
Following the collapse of Alitalia in October, 15 A319’s and A320’s that were registered in Ireland but operating for Alitalia had owner changes back to the leasing company. They all continue to operate for the ‘new’ airline called ITA Airways.
Emerald Airlines has taken delivery of its second ATR-72, EI-GPN. It has yet to enter service but was flown from Exeter to Norwich on 8th December for painting. Trev Read.

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