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Aircraft Register Update July 2021

Main photo: ICP Savannah S, EI-GHR has been transferred to a new group of owners based at Craughwell, Co. Galway. It was previously operated by the FunFly Aerosports Flying Club.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-GVY09-JulAirbus A320-214, (3880), Whitney Ireland Leasing Ltd., ex VQ-BDF
EI-GWB21-JulBoeing 777-212, (30872), Wilmington Trust Services SP (Dublin) Ltd., ex N506BC 
EI-GWH22-JulCessna F150M, (1204), John Nugent, ex G-FFEN
EI-GWP23-JulBoeing 737-8CX, (32363), Macquarie Aircraft Leasing Ltd., ex TC-SEE
EI-GWX23-JulBoeing 737-8CX, (32361), Macquarie Aircraft Leasing Ltd., ex TC-SED
EI-GXP12-JulCessna 560XL, (560-6044), Ccholato Consulting Ltd., ex I-GGEA
EI-GZR14-JulUltramagic H-77, (77/156), Malcolm Ernest White, ex EC-GZR
EI-HGP06-JulBoeing 737-8200, (62330), Ryanair DAC, New Aircraft
EI-HGR08-JulBoeing 737-8200, (65881), Ryanair DAC, New Aircraft
EI-HGT15-JulBoeing 737-8200, (65083), Ryanair DAC, New Aircraft.
EI-JRD22-JulBoeing 737-4Y0, (24917), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., ex HA-KAD
EI-PHA08-JulDudek Pargliders Hadron XX, (P-169673), Killian, Jason Richard,
EI-PHB08-JulDudek Paragliders Snake 1.2, (P-185051), Killian Jason Richard,
EI-PHC23-JulOzone Power Roadster 3, (RD324-U-22A), Paul Holthues Malcolm Ernest White, New Aircraft 
EI-STI01-JulBoeing 737-476, (24435), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd.,ex HA-FAW
EI-UMA21-JulAmpyx Power AP-3, (AP-3A01), Ampex Power Ireland Ltd., New Aircraft.
Boeing 737-400 EI-STI was previously registered in Ireland in 2015 before transferring to ASL in Hungary. It has now taken up the same Irish markings. Alan Dwyer.
Boeing 737-400, EI-JRD, has transferred from ASL Airlines Hungary to the Irish division. The aircraft was previously registered in Ireland when it operated on lease to Ryanair in 2014. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-ELA05-JulAirbus A330-302, (1106), Aer Lingus, Gone to G-EILA
EI-FHP14-JulBoeing 737-8JP, (40865), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Gone to N841SY.
EI-FHT02-JulBoeing 737-8JP, (40867), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland 3 Ltd., Gone to SE-RRT.
EI-FJH08-JulBoeing 737-8JP, (42071), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Gone to LN-ENM.
EI-FMG27-JulSolar Wings Pegasus XL-R, (SW-WA-1076), Thomas Noonan., Removed from Service.
EI-FSK08-JulATR 72-212A, (1326), Stobart Air Unlimited Company, Gone to OY-YDT.
EI-FSL08-JulATR 72-212A, (1339), Stobart Air Unlimited Company, Gone to OY-YDU.
EI-GEV06-JulATR 42-500, (1213), Stobart Air Unlimited Company, Gone to OY-YCC 
EI-GHK30-JulEMBRAER ERJ 190-100IGW, (19000218), NAC Aviation 27Ltd., Goen to ZS-YAR.
EI-GSP30-JulAirbus A321-231, (1438), Merx Aviation Ireland 1 Ltd., Gone to N1438.
EI-GTO07-JulAirbus A320-232, (6200), PembrokeAircraft Leasing 6 Ltd., Gone to 4X-ABT.
EI-GTV09-JulBoeing 737-800, (63406), Silver Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) 2 Ltd., Gone to N807XA.
EI-GVY22-JulBoeing 737-8JP, (39045), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Gone to 9H-SLJ.
EI-GXP13-JulCessna 560XL, (560-6044), Cocholato Consulting Ltd.,
EI-ITN29-JulBombardier BD-700-1A10, (9159), Airline Airways Ltd., 
Aer Lingus Airbus A.330-300, EI-ELA, has transferred to Aer Lingus (UK) and has taken up the markings G-EILA. It will begin operations from Manchester when the airline starts operating in September. Alan Dwyer.
Norwegian continue to undergo restructuring and have transferred this Boeing 737-800, EI-FJH, to the Norwegian register as LN-ENM. Alan Dwyer.
The former Stobart Air ATR, EI-GEV, has been returned to its leasing company Nordic Aviation Capital and will go on lease to Loganair as G-LMSA. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-ETD16-JulRaj Hamsa X-Air, (949), Paddy Devereux, Mark Devereux.
EI-FAS15-JulATR 72-212A, (1083), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FAT15-JulATR 72-212A, (1097), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FAU15-JulATR 72-212A, (1098), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FAV15-JulATR 72-212A, (1105), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FAW15-JulATR 72-212A, (1122), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FAX15-JulATR 72-212A, (1129), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FCY15-JulATR 72-212A, (1139), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FCZ15-JulATR 72-212A, (1159), Maples Corporate Services Ltd.
EI-FDS14-JulBoeing 737-86N, (28595), Incline IIB Shannon 6 Ltd.
EI-FVR12-JulBoeing 737-800, (42279), Sky High LXXI Leasing Company Ltd.
EI-FVT12-JulBoeing 737-800, (42280), Sky High LXXII Leasing Company Ltd.
EI-GEO16-JulICP Savannah S, (15-08-54-0413), Brendan Reilly, Suzanne Reilly
EI-GHR08-JulICP Savannah S, (18-10-54-0637), Adrian Connaire, Donal Connaire, Dermott, Gerard Gallagher
EI-GLH21-JulAB Sportine Aviacija LAK-17A, (136), Brian O’Neill, Colm King.
EI-POP07-JulCameron Z-90, (10753), Malcolm White
EI-TON27-JulX-Air, (BMAA/HB/200), Myles Sheehy
EI-WIG06-JulSkyranger 912, (SKR0504608), William Montgomery
X-Air 582 EI-TON has been transferred to a new owner.
ICP Savannah S EI-GEO has a new owner in Co. Longford. Mark Dwyer.

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