Published on January 8th, 2021 | by Alan Dwyer


Ryanair Cut Forecast for 2021

Ryanair have cut its forecast for 2021 from ‘below 35m’ passengers previously, now expect it to be ‘below 30m’. Ryanair now expects its January traffic to fall to under 1.25m passengers, and that new Covid restrictions could also reduce February and March traffic to as little as 500,000 passengers each month. Ryanair is expected to significantly cut its flights schedules from 21st January due to lack of demand. All customers effected by the cut in flight schedule will be offered free flight changes of refunds.

For the month of December, Ryanair carried 1.9 million passengers, down from 11.2 in December 2019. For the full year of 2020, Ryanair carried just 52.1 million passengers which is just over 100 million less than the previous year.

With the Boeing 737MAX expected to get European approval to return to the skies in the coming days, Ryanair expects it will start to take delivery of their first aircraft in late March and enter into service during April. In a recent radio interview, Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said that the airline would “deploying those probably initially in the UK.” Ryanair expects to receive around 30 new Boeing 737-8200 MAX jets this year.

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