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Aircraft Register Update December 2020

ICP Savannah S EI-GUZ was registered in December and is pictured here flying at Limetree Airfield Co. Laois where it’s now based.

Click on the registration for further details about each aircraft.


RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-AVE24-DecPiper PA-18-95 Super Cub. (18-7375), Anne Rosario Hassett, Patrick Morgan. Formerly G-ARCT, EI-AVE.
EI-FHT23-DecBoeing 737-8JP, (40867), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland Leasing 3 Ltd., SE-RRT, EI-FHT, LN-DYL.
EI-GPR01-DecNoble Hardman Snowbird Mk.IV, (SB-006), Patrick Cattigan, John Selman., Formerly G-MTXL
EI-GRY02-DecMooney M20R, (29-0045), DK. Innovation Ltd., Formerly G-BVZY, OE-KGG
EI-GSV09-DecAirbus A320-232, (2587), ECAF I 2587 DAC. Formerly YU-APG, VH-VQO.
EI-GTC21-DecPierre Robin HR200/120B, (257), Nogaro Ltd., Formerly G-GMKE, F-GMKE.
EI-GTI21-DecEmbraer 190-100 LR, (19000564), GY Aviation Lease 1707 Co. Ltd., Formerly B-3209.
EI-GUA22-DecBoeing 737-490, (28888), Aircraft 23810 QC Holdings Ltd., Formerly N288AU, C-FLRS, N793AS.
EI-GUL16-DecATR 72-212A, (1653), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GUY22-DecBeech 1900D, (UE-379), ACIA Aero Leasing (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly HB-AEM, F-HALS.
EI-GUZ22-DecICP Savannah S, (20-11-54-0744), Funfly Aerosports Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GVA15-DecAirbus A320-232, (3674), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 13 Ltd., Formerly VH-VNG, 9V-TAJ.
EI-GVB31-DecPiper PA-28-140, (28-7325409), Dominic Conway, Mingxia Sun, Formerly G-BGAX, PH-NSH.
EI-GVC15-DecAerospool Spol WT 9 Dynamic LSA Club, (18003), Dominic Conway, Formerly G-LXAA.
EI-GVG23-DecRockwell Commander 112, (227), Iomys Ltd., Formerly G-EHXP, D-EHXP.
EI-GVT07-DecBeagle A.61 Series 3, (B 626), Frank Hopkins, Nicholas OBrien. Formerly G-NTVE, LN-TVE, G-ASIE
EI-JAM22-DecCessna 172RG, (172RG-0010), Mannion Automation Ltd., Formerly G-PARI, N4685R.
EI-LRE21-DecAirbus A321-253NX, (10245), Aer Lingus Ltd.,.New Aircraft.
EI-NYE07-DecBoeing 787-9, (38756), Celtago II Leasing Ltd., Formerly LN-LNX, G-CJGI.
EI-XIN17-DecBoeing 787-9, (38774), Quadrant MSN 38774 Ltd., Formerly LN-LNT, G-CKLZ.
Aer Lingus took delivery of their fifth Airbus A321NX EI-LRE just before Christmas. The aircraft is yet to enter service and is currently stored at Dublin. Alan Dwyer.
Piper PA18 EI-AVE has returned to the Irish register following a few years on the UK register as G-ARCT. Ian Thompson.
This former Air Serbia Airbus A320 has been registered as EI-GSV. It arrived in Shannon on 11th December in an all white scheme for maintenance and storage. Alan Dwyer.
Boeing 737-800 EI-FHT of Norwegian Air has returned to the Irish register having been transferred to the Swedish subsidiary of Norwegian in 2019. The aircraft is currently stored in Ostrava. Alan Dwyer.
December saw two former Norwegian Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner’s being registered. EI-NYE was repainted at Dublin in the colours of Italian airline NEOS. Alan Dwyer.


RegistrationDe-RegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DAH04-DecBoeing 737-8AS, (33546), Celestial Aviation Trading 23 Ltd., Gone to N240GE.
EI-DAI17-DecBoeing 737-8AS. (33547), Celestial Aviation Trading 23 Ltd., Gone to N241GE.
EI-DAL21-DecBoeing 737-8AS. (33718), Celestial Aviation Trading 23 Ltd., Gone to N242GE.
EI-FHH22-DecBoeing 737-8FZ. (31713), Fly Aircraft Holdings Twenty Ltd, Gone to G-TUKC.
EI-GEW15-DecAirbus A330-203, (472), Aircraft Engine Lease Finance Ltd., Gone to 9H-BFS.
EI-GPK11-DecLeonardo AW139, (31545), Portrane Aviation Ltd., Gone to India.
EI-GTG10-DecEmbraer 190-100 SR, (19000548), GY Aviation Lease 1707 Co. Ltd., Gone to G-LCAF.
EI-RDJ23-DecEmbraer 170-200 STD, (17000342), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC., Gone to G-CLVH.
EI-RDK23-DecEmbraer 170-200 STD, (17000343), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC., Gone to G-CLVK.
EI-RDL29-DecEmbraer 170-200 STD, (17000345), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC., Gone to G-CLVN.
EI-RDM23-DecEmbraer 170-200 STD, (17000346), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC., Gone to G-CLVT.
EI-RJF14-DecRJ85, (E2337), Cityjet DAC., Gone to N399AC.
EI-SLX08-DecATR 72-202, (222), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to HB-AFL
EI-SOA15-DecATR 72-202, (265), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to G-OASL.
EJ-IOBN23-DecEmbraer 190-100 ECJ, (19000632), Gain Jet Ireland Ltd., Gone to N713TS.
This former Ryanair 737-8AS had an owner change and was cancelled to the USA in December. It’s likely to be converted to a freighter and return for service with ASL Airlines / Amazon Prime like sister ships EI-DAC and EI-DAD. Alan Dwyer.
Former Alitalia Express Embraer ERJ-170 EI-RDL has been returned to lessor and is currently stored in Maastricht along with the three others deleted this month. They have all taken up UK markings. Alan Dwyer.
Boeing 737-800 EI-FHH, formerly of Norwegian, has been returned to its lessor and will go to the UK register as it takes up a new lease with TUI. Alan Dwyer.
Avro RJ-85 EI-RJF was the last of the Cityjet Avro’s to leave the fleet on 2nd November when it departed to the US to be converted to a fire bomber. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

RegistrationRegisteredAircraft Details
EI-DAL09-DecBoeing 737-8AS. (33718), Celestial Aviation Trading 23 Ltd.
EI-DEC17-DecAirbus A320-214, (2217), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd.
EI-DPB02-DecBoeing 737-8AS. (33603), ASL Aviation Holdings DAC.
EI-DPD17-DecBoeing 737-8AS. (33623), ASL Aviation Holdings DAC.
EI-GPO01-DecATR 72-212A, (1315), Commuter Aircraft Leasing 2017 Ltd.
EI-GPP03-DecATR 72-212A, (1322), Commuter Aircraft Leasing 2017 Ltd.
EI-OFM08-DecCessna F172N , (F17201988), National Flight Centre Ltd.
ATR 72-600’s EI-GPO and EI-GPP (pictured) have both changed owners in the past month and were ferried from Dublin to Toulouse Francazal in the first week of December. Alan Dwyer.
Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEC has been returned to its lessor. The aircraft departed Dublin on 5th November for Lourdes where it will be parted out and scrapped. Alan Dwyer.

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