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CAR Publish Dublin Airport Runway Scheduling Parameters for Summer 2020

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) is the authority charged with declaring coordination parameters at coordinated Irish Airports. In their recently published paper, they set out their Decision on the Dublin Airport parameters for the Summer 2020 season. The full set of coordination parameters is set out in the Appendix which can be viewed here.

The main points of the Decision on the Summer 2020 parameters are as follows:

  • Relative to the Summer 2019 runway limits, increase the Total movement cap by 1 in the hours 0800, 1100, 1400, and 1500, and 1800 hours and reduce the Total movement cap by 1 in the 0700 hour. 1 This is a net increase of 4 Totals.
  • Increase the Departures limit by 1 in the 1400 hour
  • Maintain the 10 minute runway limits from Summer 2019.
  • Maintain the Terminal limits from Summer 2019.
  • Maintain the existing hard parameter on stands, and referral parameters on Terminal 2 Check-in desks and US Preclearance.

This is in line with the Draft Decision published by CAR on 4th September. They received seven responses to that Draft Decision. Of these responses, six of them opposed the proposed adjustments to the hourly runway limits, while Dublin Airport supported them. No respondent opposed any of the other proposed parameters. CAR did not receive new arguments or evidence to change their view that the parameters proposed at that time are appropriate, having regard to their objectives in this process.

CAR examined and relied on a large body of evidence in arriving at their Decision. A fast time simulation modelling of the airfield was commissioned to assess the scenario relating to potential adjustments to the runway limits. This work was carried out by Helios Technology Ltd (Helios). The assessment takes the form of a comparison of a range of airfield metrics. The results from this assessment were shared with the Coordination Committee and published on the CAR website alongside the Draft Decision.

Other evidence considered included modelling work conducted by Dublin Airport, and its consultants NATS and ARUP. It also includes evidence on current performance metrics of various parts of the airfield provided by Dublin Airport. This Decision follows an extensive iterative process of engagement over the past number of months between stakeholders. This includes consultation between the Commission, Helios, and the Coordination Committee on the fast time simulation modelling conducted.

The Coordination Committee comprises Dublin Airport, the Irish Aviation Authority (as Air Service Navigation Provider), and is open to all airlines operating at Dublin Airport.

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