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Aircraft Register Update September 2019

Photo above: National Flight Centre based at Weston Airport have added EI-GIU to its fleet, a 1980 built Cessna FR172. It was previously registered G-BXSR. Alan Dwyer.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-FLF 11-Sep Fish Rans S6-ES, Microlight, (PFA 204-136832001), Eileen Tougher, Formerly G-BZRA.
EI-GGY 18-Sep P&M Quik GT450 Lite, (8775), John Doran, New Aircraft.
EI-GIU 03-Sep Cessna F172N, (F17202003), National Flight Centre Ltd., Formerly G-BXSR, PH-SPY.
EI-GKK 30-Sep Airbus A320-214, (3289), KLAATU Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly F-HBIB, D-ABDS.
EI-GKZ 16-Sep Mainair Sport Gemini Flash ll, Microlight, (494-1086-4-W296), Alan Ryan, Formerly G-MNYK.
EI-GMP 16-Sep Rolladen Schneideer LS 1-D, Glider, (267), Owen Grogan, Formerly D-2241.
EI-HEC 24-Sep Airbus A330-322, (231), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly D-AAEC, HS-TEL.
EI-LRB 24-Sep Airbus A321-253NX, (08909), Aer Lingus Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-NUA 15-Sep Boeing 787-9, (65314), ALC Blarney Aircraft Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-STS 20-Sep Boeing 737-48E, (25773), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly N480VX, VQ-BII, TC-SGD, VT-JAM, N773SR.

EI-HEC, an Airbus A330-300F for ASL Airlines to be operated on behalf of Air Hong Kong. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-AGD 30-Sep Taylorcraft Plus D, (108), Gerard Lynch, Removed from Service.
EI-DUV 18-Sep Beech 95-B55, (TC1618), John Given, Removed from Service.
EI-FZP 02-Sep Boeing 737-800, (44790), Ryanair DAC., Gone to 9H-QAL.
EI-GIB 12-Sep Airbus A320-271N, (8371), Star Rising Aviation 10 Ltd., Gone to B307V.
EI-GII 12-Sep Airbus A320-271N, (8430), Star Rising Aviation 10 Ltd., Gone to B307W.
EI-GIS 18-Sep Tecnam P2002-JF, (191), Waterford Aero Club Ltd., Removed from Service.
EI-GKW 17-Sep Boeing 737-809, (28236), SASOF IV (A3) Aviation Ireland DAC., Gone to EC-NGC.
EI-GPU 30-Sep Airbus A320-232, (3902), Heston 1 Aviation DAC., Gone to VN-A583.

EI-DUV, this has now been cancelled from the register following an incident at Abbeyshrule in 2011. Alan Dwyer.

EI-FZP, this Ryanair 737-800 has now been transferred to Malta Air as 9H-QAL. Alan Dwyer.

EI-GKW, a Boeing 737-800 has been operating for Alba Star since 2018, this has now gone to EC-NGC but remains with Alba Star. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-EWX 02-Sep Aeriori Eurofox 912 3K, (13002), Ronald Edward Barrington.

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