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Aircraft Register Update August 2019

Pictured above is Magni Gryo M24 EI-GPM that was registered on 16th August. The aircraft was formerly registered in Switzerland as HB-WGM but is now based in Kilrush. James Halligan.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-GMM 29-Aug ASW 22 Glider, (22022), The 22 Group, Formerly D-1806.
EI-GOE 13-Aug Thruster T600N 450, (0037-T600N-090), James Hennessy, Formerly G-OASJ.
EI-GOL 01-Aug Airbus A321-211, (7680), Jin Shan 20 Ireland Company Ltd., Formerly TF-PRO.
EI-GOX 01-Aug Airbus A321-211, ( 7715), Jin Shan 20 Ireland Company Ltd., Formerly TF-NOW.
EI-GPH 26-Aug Bell 206L-4, (52175), National Helicopter Flight Centre Ltd., Formerly N59AJ.
EI-GPM 16-Aug Magni M24 Autogyro, (24181154), Brian McCafferty, Formerly HB-WGM.
EI-GPU 30-Aug Airbus A320-232, (3902), Heston 1 Aviation DAC., Formerly A6-EIJ.
EI-GPV 26-Aug Ikarus C42B, (0902-7026), Tibohine Flying Club Ltd., Formerly PH-4E3.

Bell 206L-4 Longranger EI-GPH has been registered to National Helicopter Flight Centre based at Weston. Alan Dwyer.

EI-GPU arrived into Dublin as A6-EIJ on 16th August having previously served with Etihad. It was painted in Bamboo Airways colours prior to arriving in Dublin. It has since taken up EI-GPU and will be delivered on lease to Bamboo Airways of Vietnam shortly. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-CRR 28-Aug Aeronca 11AC, (1605), Liam Maddock, Gone to United Kingdom
EI-FDJ 02-Aug Embraer ERJ 190-200 STD, (19000608), Celestial Aviation Trading 14 Ltd., Gone to CP-3130.
EI-GOF 06-Aug Airbus A319-112, (2762), STLC Europe Fifteen Leasing Ltd., Gone to JY-AYC.
EI-GOY 13-Aug Airbus A319-112, (2751), Celestial Aviation Trading 46 Ltd., Gone to EC-NGB.
EI-PGL 26-Aug Dudek Synthesis 34 Paraglider, (P08129), Kevin Sullivan, Removed from Service
EI-REL 08-Aug ATR 72-212 A, (748), Stobart Air Unlimited Company, Gone to France
EI-WAT 12-Aug Tecnam P2002-JF, (86), Waterford Aero Club Ltd., Removed from Service

EI-REL has been returned off lease having been operated by Stobart Air for a number of years. It has most recently been operated on a FlyBe contract and previously on the Irish register, it operated for Aer Lingus Regional and it was the first aircraft painted in the Aer Arann ‘Roundels’ scheme in 2007. Alan Dwyer.

EI-WAT has been with the Waterford Aero Club since 2008 and has now been removed from service following an accident at Cork Airport in June 2018. Alan Dwyer.

Change of Owner

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-CJY 28-Aug Boeing 757-2Y0, (26161), Icelandair Ireland Ltd.
EI-NEO 06-Aug Boeing 787-9, (38785), Rhodium Funding Ltd.
EI-RDJ 13-Aug Embraer ERJ 170-200 STD, (17000342), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC.
EI-RDL 13-Aug Embraer ERJ 170-200 STD, (17000345), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC.
EI-RDM 12-Aug Embraer ERJ 170-200 STD, (17000346), Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC.
EI-WFD 13-Aug Tecnam P2002-JF, (80), Limerick Flying Club (Coonagh).


Tecnam P2002 EI-WFD has now been sold to the Limerick Flying Club at Coonagh. It was replaced by Cessna 172 EI-GWY which is now operated by the club. Andrew Power.

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