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RAF Cosford Airshow 2019

The RAF Cosford Airshow held on the 9th June is the only official RAF organised Airshow on the UK calendar. RAF Cosford is easily accessible by public transport with Cosford railway station a short distance to the entrance. Due to other commitments, I was unable to spend the full day at the show, however there were many highlights and attractions to take in.

RAF Cosford museum houses a unique collection of aircraft and displays at Cosford. Open daily from 10.00am you will take in the Wartime Hangars and National Cold War Exhibition. The National Cold War Exhibition tells the story of the Cold War including social and cultural perspectives. The interactive hotspots and kiosks pick out key aspects of the era including the Space Race and Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hangar 1 is home to the transport and training collection and many engines and missiles. There is a temporary exhibition gallery and art gallery with works for sale from the Guild of Aviation Artists.

Several key themes for this year’s show included the NATO 70th anniversary, woman in aviation and 65 years since the first flight of the BAC Jet Provost, with unique displays in the air and on the ground.

The Jet Provost served the Royal Air Force for nearly 40 years as a flying training platform, on which thousands of RAF fast-jet pilots honed their skills. In the air, a special trio of aircraft performed a formation flying display together, including a Jet Provost T3 in the colours of the RAF Red Pelicans display team – a predecessor to the Red Arrows team of today.

Thanks to the participation of the RAF Museum, and several civilian aircraft operators, visitors got to see a chronologically arranged display of Jet Provost aircraft, from the initial T1 design, through the T3, T4 & Strikemaster armed variant. A Piston Provost – the aircraft on which the Jet Provost was based – also formed part of the display.

Prior to the Air Show, Director, Mr Clive Elliott said, “We are delighted to have this exciting display to celebrate the Jet Provost through the decades. We look forward to seeing them take to the Shropshire skies, as well as getting up close to these great aircraft in the static display.”

The RAF Cosford Air Show was one of the few opportunities to see the RAFAT Red Arrows performing their thrilling show across UK skies this year. This summer, the Red Arrows will embark on their longest overseas detachment when they will spend two months in North America – the first time they have done so in more than a decade.

Making its swansong display, the Tucano T1 returned to the RAF Cosford Air Show for the first time since 2014. The Tucano has been used by the RAF to provide basic training for fast jet pilots and retires from service later in 2019 after 30 years.

The primary focus of the RAF Cosford Air Show is to give visitors the opportunity to engage with the Royal Air Force, and to better understand the work they do, not only in the West Midlands and the United Kingdom, but across the world. Air Show Chairman Wing Commander Jamie Thompson said “RAF Cosford Air Show is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see what goes on behind the scenes on an operational Royal Air Force base.

RAF Cosford has a lot to offer the enthusiast and a trip to the museum is highly recommended. Next year’s RAF Cosford Airshow will be held on 14th June 2020.

Aircraft Participation List



Avro Lancaster                                   B1Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

BAE Systems Hawk T1 (x9)             RAF Aerobatic Team – The Red Arrows

Boeing Chinook HC6                        18 Squadron / RAF Chinook Display Team

Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4            29 Squadron / RAF Typhoon Display Team

Grob Tutor T1                                    115 Squadron / RAF Tutor Display Team

Shorts Tucano T1                              72 Squadron / RAF Tucano Display Team

Supermarine Spitfire IX                  Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

International Displays

Aero Vodochody L-159A ALCA (x2)             Czech Air Force – 212 Tactical Squadron

Agusta A109-BA                                                Belgian Air Force – 17 Squadron / A109 Display Team

Lockheed P-3C Orion                                       German Navy – MFG3

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet           Swiss Air Force – Fighter Squadron 17

SAAB JAS-39C Gripen                                     Czech Air Force – 211 Tactical Squadron

SAAB T-17 Supporter (x4)                               Royal Danish Air Force – Baby Blue Display Team

Westland Apache AH1                                      Army Air Corps – Attack Helicopter Display Team


BAC Jet Provost T3                         Private Owner

BAC Jet Provost T5                         Private Owner

BAC Strikemaster Mk.82A            NWMAS

Boeing Stearman                             TG Aviation

de Havilland Chipmunk (x2)         The Vintage Pair

de Havilland Dragon Rapide         Private Owner

DR107 ‘One Design’                         Phil Burgess Aerobatics

Extra 300 (x2)                                  Global Stars Display Team

Hispano Buchon                               Air Leasing Ltd

Hawker Hurricane I                         Bygone Aviation Ltd

Hawker Sea Fury T20                      Navy Wings Heritage Flight

North American P-51D Mustang   Private Owner

Pitts S1S Special                                Private Owner

Supermarine Spitfire PRXI            Aircraft Restoration Company


Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1       Defence Helicopter Flying School

BAE Systems Harrier GR9            Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

BAE Systems Hawk T1                   Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

BAE System Tempest (Mock Up) BAE Systems

de Havilland Devon C1                   RAF Museum

Gloster Gladiator I                          RAF Museum

Grob Tutor T1                                  University of Birmingham Air Squadron

Grob Prefect T1                               57 Squadron

Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3     Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3     RAF Museum

Panavia Tornado F3                       Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

Panavia Tornado GR4                   Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

Percival Pembroke C1                    RAF Museum

Percival Provost T1                         RAF Museum

Percival Jet Provost T1                  RAF Museum

SEPECAT Jaguar GR3                   Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering

Shorts Tucano T1                            72 Squadron

Supermarine Spitfire XIX             RAF Museum

Westland Puma HC2                      230 Squadron

Westland Wessex HC2                   RAF St Mawgan

BAe Sea Harrier FA2                      Royal Naval School of Flight Deck Operations

Leonardo Merlin HM2                  Royal Navy – 814 Naval Air Squadron

Pilatus PC-9M                                 Irish Air Corps – Flying Training School

Westland Apache AH1                   Army Air Corps – Attack Helicopter Force

Westland Sea Lynx Mk.88A         German Navy – MFG5

Agusta A109                                    Historic Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters H145              Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Auster III                                         Private Owner

Auster V                                           Private Owner

Avro Anson C19                              BAE Systems Heritage Flight

BAC Jet Provost T3                       Private Owner

BAC Jet Provost T4                       Private Owner

BAC Jet Provost T5                       Jet Aerobatics

BAC Strikemaster Mk.82A          NWMAS

Boulton Paul Balliol T2                Boulton Paul Association

de Havilland Chipmunk               Century Aviation Ltd

de Havilland Chipmunk               Private Owner

de Havilland Tiger Moth              Vintage Flying Team

H.S. Harrier T4(VAAC)                Jet Art Aviation

Fairchild Argus                              Private Owner

Grumman AA-5                             Private Owner

Piper PA-28 Warrior                    Cosford Powered Flying Club

Schleicher ASK-21                        Wrekin Gliding Club

Spartan 7W Executive                  Private Owner

Supermarine Spitfire PRXI         Aircraft Restoration Company

All text and photos by Jason Phelan.

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