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Aircraft Register Update January 2019

Leonardo AW109SP EI-MPC was delivered to Sywell near Northampton in the UK during January. By Sywell Aerodrome.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-DJF 11-Jan Luscombe 8F, (6179), Sean Forde, Formerly G-BWOB, N1552B.
EI-GHG 07-Jan Airbus A320-232, (2288), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Formerly A7-ADJ.
EI-GHU 15-Jan Leonardo AW119MKII, (14780), Perspect Aviation DAC., Formerly I-HVDP, N193NT, N302YS.
EI-GIJ 22-Jan Vans RV-9, (2002495), Donal Horan, Formerly D-EYYE.
EI-GIO 22-Jan Magni VPM M16 Autogyro, (PFA G/12-1251), Patrick Martin Flanagan, Formerly G-ODPJ.
EI-MNG 30-Jan Boeing 737-8, (43795), Avolon Aerospace (Ireland) AOE 171 Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-MPC 11-Jan Leonardo AW109SP, (22391), Quarry & Mining Equipment Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-ULN 30-Jan Boeing 737-73V, (32426), SASOF II (G) Aviation Ireland Ltd., Formerly HL8022, VT-JLG, G-EZKE.

Boeing 737-8 MAX EI-MNG becomes the 13th MAX to be registered in Ireland. Royal S King.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-BBC 22-Jan Piper PA-28-180, (28-1049), Antoine Milhaud, Gone to G-ASEJ.
EI-DRA 14-Jan Boeing 737-852, (35114), Mexican Aircraft Leasing II Ltd., Gone to XA-DRA.
EI-DRC 14-Jan Boeing 737-852, (35116), Mexican Aircraft Leasing II Ltd., Gone to XA-DRC.
EI-EVD 30-Jan Boeing 737-8AS, (40287), Ryanair DAC, Gone to SP-ESF.
EI-FVS 03-Jan Boeing 737-800, (42087), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Gone to LV-ITK.
EI-GHX 31-Jan Airbus A319-132, (02568), WWTAI Airopco II DAC., Gone to VN-A581.
EI-GHY 23-Jan Airbus A320-232, (02934), WWTAI Airopco II DAC., Gone to VN-A586.
EI-XLZ 24-Jan Boeing 747-444, (29119), VEBL-767-300 Ltd., Removed from service.

EI-BBC was first registered in Ireland in November 2001 and now leaves to the UK as G-ASEJ. Jon Devins

Transaero ceased operations in October 2015 and Boeing 747-444 EI-XLZ went into storage at Tereul in Spain. It has now been withdrawn from use and scrapped. By Amakawa

Boeing 737-8AS EI-EVD has gone to the Ryanair Sun subsidiary as SP-ESF. It continues to operate in Ryanair colours. Kev Slade.

Change of Owner

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-FVF 22-Jan Raj Hamsa X’Air 582(1), (BMAA/HB/331), Donagh Greziner, Adrian Daniel Cummins.

X-Air 582 EI-FVF was the only owner change on the January register. Trev Read.

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