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Aircraft Register Update May 2018

BRM Land Africa Citius EI-GGE was registered to the Laois Flying Club in May and replaces Land Africa EI-FMO. The club are based at Limetree Airfield but it was pictured recently at the Ballyboy Fly-In by Brendan O’Moore.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-FVO 08-May Boeing 737-800, (42278), Norwegian Air International Ltd., Formerly LV-HQH, EI-FVO.
EI-FYG 16-May Boeing 737-8, (42831), Norwegian Air International Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GEP 04-May Boeing 767-323, (24040), Spectre Overseas Aircraft Ltd., Formerly N359AA.
EI-GFN 01-May Airbus A319-112, (2442), SASOF III (C) Aviation Ireland DAC. Formerly VP-BDY, G-EZID.
EI-GFP 17-May Boeing 737-89L, (29878), WWTAI Airopco BPA Ireland Ltd., Formerly B-2643.
EI-GFV 30-May Jodel D112, (1175), Joseph Brendan Bolger. Thomas Delaney, Formerly G-AZFF.
EI-GFW 25-May Airbus A320-214, (01615), SASOF II (C) Aviation Ireland Ltd., Formerly N218FR, N261AV.
EI-GFX 04-May Airbus A330-202, (571), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Formerly A7-ACE.
EI-GFY 10-May Boeing 737-8, (64605), Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 8 Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GGE 02-May BRM Land Africa (Citius), (0004/07), Laois Flying Club Company Ltd., by Guarantee. Formerly I-9262.
EI-GGF 17-May Boeing 737-8F2, (34409), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland Leasing 3 Ltd., Formerly TC-JGK.
EI-GJT 01-May Boeing 737-800, (44837), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJV 09-May Boeing 737-800, (44832), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJW 11-May Boeing 737-800, (44843), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJX 18-May Boeing 737-800, (44845), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJY 23-May Boeing 737-800, (44839), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJZ 24-May Boeing 737-800, (44840), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GSA 24-May Boeing 737-800, (44841), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GSC 30-May Boeing 737-800, (44844), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-IRI 02-May Boeing 737-86J, (36881), Wings Aviation 36881 Ltd., Formerly D-AIRI, N279EA. D-ABKT.

Ryanair added another eight Boeing 737-800s to the Register. EI-GJX was seen here operating a flight into Dublin on 6th June. Brendan O Moore.

Airbus A330-202 EI-GFX on departure from Dublin on delivery to Air Italy. It is ex Qatar Airways A7-ACE. DUB Ramp.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-DMZ 04-May Boeing 737-8FH, (29671), Airspeed Ireland Leasing 16 Ltd., Gone to HL8302.
EI-GCB 04-May Embraer ERJ 190-200 LR, (19000084), Celestial Aviation Trading 5 Ltd., Gone to VQ-BAI.
EI-GEK 08-May Airbus A320-232, (2747), Chameli Aircraft Leasing Ltd., Gone to EC-MVM.
EI-GFK 22-May Airbus A330-223, (0911), ILFC Aircraft 33A-911 Ltd., Gone to 9M-MTX.
EI-GFT 03-May Boeing 747-4HAF, (35236), Constitution Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) 5 Ltd., Gone to LX-KCL.
EI-IAN 02-May Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4, ( 810), Irish Parachute Club., Gone to D-FANO.
EI-RUN 29-May Boeing 737-808, (34702), Vardy Ltd., Gone to G-DRTC.
EI-RUO 21-May Boeing 737-808, (34703), Vardy Ltd., Gone to G-DRTD.

Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 EI-IAN formerly of the Irish Parachute Club has gone to Germany as D-FANO. Alan Dwyer.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-CSI 14-May Boeing 737-8AS, (29924), Sapphire Leasing I (AOE 4) Ltd.
EI-DGH 09-May RAJ Hamsa X’AIR 582(14), (861), Colin Baker, David Baker, Wesley Baker.
EI-FMO 24-May BRM Land Africa, (06-00014), John Minogue.
EI-GEO 09-May ICP Savannah S, (15-08-54-0413), Kieran Patrick Walsh.

Land Africa EI-FMO of the Laois Flying Club has been sold to a private owner and has been replaced by Land Africa Citius EI-GGE. Mark Brereton.

Savannah S EI-GEO has been sold and is now based in Navan. Trev Read.

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