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Aircraft Register Update March 2018

Cessna 172RG EI-FII has had an owner change but continues to operate for National Flight Centre. This particular aircraft was registered EI-FII after FlyingInIreland Magazine and is named “Laurence” after the late editor Laurence Dwyer who died in June 2007. The aircraft was flown in this image by Mark Dwyer with FII Photographer Niall Grant. The photo was taken from Maule EI-GER by Pat Lanigan Ryan.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-DMZ 16-Mar Boeing 737-8FH, (29671), Airspeed Ireland Leasing 16 Ltd., Formerly D-ASXU, TC-SNI, EI-DMZ, EC-JGE.
EI-FPX 06-Mar Bombardier CL-600-2D24, (15444), Cityjet DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GCZ 27-Mar Airbus A330-223, (0739), SASOF III (A3) Aviation Ireland., Formerly D-ALPH.
EI-GET 12-Mar Boeing 777-31HER, (32709), Aercap Ireland Ltd., Formerly A6-EBL.
EI-GFR 22-Mar Boeing 737-7CT, (37421), Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd., Formerly C-GWSY.
EI-GFS 09-Mar Leonardo AW139, (31758), LCI Helicopters Sixteen Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GFT 16-Mar Boeing 747-4HAF, (35236), Constitution Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) 5 Ltd., Formerly OO-THD.
EI-GJE 02-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44823), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJF 01-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44828), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJG 16-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44829), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJH 20-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44830), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJI 23-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44826), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJJ 29-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44831), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJK 23-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44825), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-GJM 29-Mar Boeing 737-800, (44827), Ryanair DAC., New Aircraft.
EI-HEB 01-Mar Airbus A330-322, (127), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly D-AAEB, CS-TRI, D-AERQ.
EI-STP 15-Mar Boeing 737-4Q8, (26299), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly N134WF, SP-ENB, HL 7527, TC-JEK.

Former Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 747-4HAF OO-THD has been registered in Ireland as EI-GFT. It was last noted painted all white in Luxembourg as is expected to take up the registration LX-KCV for CargoLux. Alan Dwyer.

Boeing 737-8FH D-ASXU has returned to the Irish registered as EI-DMZ. When registered before it operated for Ryan International, Futura and Garuda Indonesia. In then when to Turkey as TC-SNI for Sun Express and Anadolu Jet before going to Sun Express Germany as D-ASXU. It will shortly go to Jeju Air as HL8302. Alan Dwyer.

Airbus A330-223 D-ALPH has become EI-GCZ. It originally operated for LTU before going to Air Berlin in 2008 where it operated until the company collapsed last year. It is expected to enter service with I-Fly in Russia shortly. Alan Dwyer.


Registration De-Registered Aircraft Details
EI-FEE 26-Mar Boeing 737-8AS, (44686), Ryanair DAC., Gone To SP-RSA.
EI-FMY 09-Mar Airbus A319-111, (2253), Celestial Aviation Trading 34 Ltd., Gone To EC-MUU.
EI-GCX 09-Mar Airbus A320-214, (3278), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland Leasing 3 Ltd., Gone To EC-MUF.
EI-GEL 16-Mar Airbus A320-232, (2753), FIFI Aircraft Leasing Ltd., Gone To EC-MVN.
EI-GFE 05-Mar Airbus A330-223, (0454), ILFC Aircraft 33A-822 Ltd., Gone To EC-MTT.
EI-GFH 29-Mar Airbus A330-223, (665), Whitney Ireland Leasing Ltd., Gone To 9M-MTU.
EI-GFI 23-Mar Airbus A330-223, (822), ILFC Aircraft 33A-454 Ltd., Gone To 9M-MTV.
EI-ZMA 21-Mar Dassault Falcon 900EX, (134), Airlink Airways Ltd., Gone to South Africa.

Dassault Falcon 900EX EI-ZMA has been cancelled from the register to South Africa and is awaiting a registration. In Ireland, the aircraft operated for Airlink Airways. Alan Dwyer.

Boeing 737-8AS EI-FEE has been cancelled from the registered and has become the first aircraft to be operated by Ryanair Sun. The aircraft has taken up markings SP-RSA but remains in Ryanair colours. Ryanair Sun flights begin at the end of April under the company’s new AOC. Alan Dwyer.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-BCK 08-Mar Reims Cessna F172N, (1543), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-BJM 08-Mar Cessna A152, (A152-0936), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-BMN 08-Mar Cessna F152, (F152-1912), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-BUN 08-Mar Beech 76, (ME371), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-CFY 08-Mar Cessna 172N, (172-68902), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-CIG 08-Mar Piper PA-18-150, (18-7360), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-CUJ 08-Mar Cessna 172N, (172-71985), The Hotel Bravo Flying Club Ltd.
EI-DGX 08-Mar Cessna 152, (152-81296), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-EDB 08-Mar Cessna 152, (152-82993), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-EHH 15-Mar ATR 42-300, (196), Elix Assets 7 Ltd.
EI-EMU 08-Mar Reims Cessna F152, (1882), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-EWC 08-Mar Beech 76, (ME227), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-FBC 08-Mar Cessna 172N, (172-73474), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-FEV 28-Mar Stevenson Guy X’Air 582(5), (BMAA/HB/245), Michael Garvey.
EI-FII 08-Mar Cessna 172RG, (172RG-0550), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-FPO 06-Mar Bombardier CL-600-2D24, (15434), NAC Aviation 29 DAC.
EI-MCF 08-Mar Cessna 172R, (17280799), National Flight Centre Ltd.
EI-RUI 14-Mar Boeing 737-85P, (28387), Vardy Ltd.

ATR 42-300 EI-EHH has operated for Aer Arann and more recently Stobart Air. It was withdrawn from use in February and was last noted in storage at Maastricht in early March. Alan Dwyer.

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