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Aircraft Register Update July 2017

Image above is of EI-SLV one of two ATR-72’s registered to ASL Airlines during July. The aircraft had previously operated for ASL Airlines Switzerland as HB-AFJ. Photo by Francesco Palla.

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Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-FYC 17-Jul Boeing 737-8, (42825), Hardangerjorden Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-FYD 17-Jul Boeing 737-8, (42828), Hardangerjorden Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-FYE 31-Jul Boeing 737-8, (42827), Hardangerjorden Ltd., New Aircraft.
EI-GAW 04-Jul Boeing 737-8Z0, (30072), WWTAI Airopco BPA Ireland Ltd., Formerly B-2509.
EI-GCI 18-Jul Embraer  190-100 IGW, (19000262), Aldus Portfolio Leasing Ltd., Formerly VH-ZPM.
EI-GCJ 21-Jul Czech Sportcruiser, (09SC321), Sean Meagher, Niall Mulligan, Daragh O’Reilly, Martin Denis Ryan. Formerly G-SCVF.
EI-GCL 26-Jul Airbus A320-214, (4815), Avolon Aerospace (Ireland) AOE 126 Ltd., Formerly CC-BAP.
EI-SLV 13-Jul ATR 72-202, (154), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly HB-AFJ, OY-RTE, EC-ESS, EC-383.
EI-SLX 28-Jul ATR 72-202, (222), ASL Airlines (Ireland) Ltd., Formerly HB-AFL, F-GKPF.

EI-FYD, Norwegian’s 4th Boeing 737-8 MAX. The airline has now received five of the type with EI-FYE being delivered on the morning of August 2nd to Oslo. Chris Edwards.




Aircraft Details

EI-FCL 21-Jul Embraer  190-100 LR, (19000201), SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland Leasing 3 Ltd., Removed from service.
EI-GAB 12-Jul Airbus A340-313, (166), AS Air Lease IX (Ireland) Ltd., Gone to 9H-AGK.
EI-UNW 07-Jul Boeing 777-222, (30214), Larafort Aircraft Leasing Ltd., Removed from service.

Embraer ERJ-190 EI-FCL has had a short life. At just nine years old it has been withdrawn from use. Brian Turnham.

Following the collapse of Transaero in October 2015, most of their fleet went into storage with many being withdrawn from use. Boeing 777 EI-UNW is the latest one to be scrapped following storage in Teruel Airport in Spain since October 2015. Max Bryansky.

Changes of Ownership

Registration Registered Aircraft Details
EI-DDJ 19-Jul Raj Hamsa X’Air 582, (863), Ivan Talt,
EI-DFM 06-Jul Evektor EV-97R, (2003 1706), Jarlath Gibbons.
EI-DRL 17-Jul Raj Hamsa X’Air Jabiru(3), (1005), Nicky Brunton.
EI-FBY 07-Jul BRM Land Africa (Citius), (0118/KIT/08-CT), Stephen Smith.
EI-FGW 28-Jul Piper PA-22-108, (22-8327), Willaim Henry Worrell.
EI-GAM 26-Jul Airbus A320-214, (3823), Aer Lingus Ltd.,
EI-PGJ 28-Jul Swing Sting 2 Paraglider, (ST2 11-52628066), Anthony Auffret.

X-Air EI-DDJ is actually an X-Air 2200 and not an X-Air 582 as categorised by the IAA. X-Air’s variants are named after the type of engine installed but the rest of the airframe is the same. In this case it’s powered by the Jabiru 2200 engine. Frank Lee.

Long time Limetree resident Land Africa Citius EI-FBY has changed owners and is now based in Co. Cavan. It has already been refitted with it’s wheel spats. Mark Dwyer.

Airbus A320-214 EI-GAM has had a change of owner from Celestial Aviation Trading to Aer Lingus although the aircraft already operated for Aer Lingus prior to the change. Alan Dwyer.

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