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Published on September 17th, 2016 | by FII Reader


NFC marks the Spot

On Saturday the 10th of September, students, pilots and instructors from the National Flight Centre in Weston, were honing their precision flying for a rather unusual feat of airmanship. It was a water balloon drop and spot landing competition. Instructor Paul Mulrane from NFC was tasked with co-coordinating the event, the brief was 4 circuits, 3 to drop the water balloons, and the final circuit was to aim for the spot landing. There were two target areas, to the left of the grass runway 25, the drop area was surrounded by cones, marked by a bright central post and points were awarded who was closest, based on the best of three runs. The Spot landing point was a red cone beside and the aim was to land on the grass abeam it. There was no shortage of interest, and though there were a number of visiting aircraft, which kept Weston ATC busy the NFC fleet was in the air till the early evening.


The balloons filled and ready for the drop.


Ready to make a drop.



Making a drop near the runway 25 threshold.

My thanks to NFC and Weston staff for allowing me access to cover the event. Photos and report by Paul Kolbe.

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