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ILA Berlin

Germany’s biennial International Aviation Exhibition, ILA, takes place June 1st – 4th with the last two days hosting a major public air show.  Gabriel Desmond, a regular visitor, looks back at 2014 to give an insight into this aviation spectacle of static and flying displays which are accompanied by an excellent informative commentary in German and English.

  1. 2WingwalkerA400MWing walker on an Airbus A400M military transport.
  1. 3MiG4467This Polish MiG-29 did a daily stunning display, its maneuverability allowing it to make frequent passes and turns close to the crowd.
  1. 4Airbus350Airbus brought the A350 to Berlin but it departed before the public days. Orders total more than 800. Aer Lingus has ordered nine of the -900 variant.   Photo – Messe Berlin GmbH.
  1. 5Do24ATTThe Dornier Do24 maritime patrol flying boat of 1937. Production totalled 279. Some served with the Spanish Air Force until the 1970s.  A single example of this graceful trimotor was later fitted with PT6A turboprops. It is operated by Iren Dornier, the famous designer’s grandson.
  1. 6Tiger7416d1The French and German Armies conduct joint training on the EC665 Tiger attack helicopter at Le Luc in France. A Franco – German duo used the Tiger’s agility to good effect in their display. The German UHT version, top, has a mast-mounted sight with IR and HD TV cameras. The French HAP version is distinguished by the chin-mounted 30mm gun turret
  1. 7TransallJeepThis C-160 Transall landed in front of the crowd to unloaded a jeep and troops for a hostage rescue scenario by the German Armed Forces.
  1. 8TornadoTyphoonA310The tactical demo ended with a flyby by German Air Force Typhoons and Tornados which provided top cover and this A310TT tanker transport.
  1. 9PoliceBigBandThe Federal German Police Big Band Orchestra provided a soothing alternative to the noise of aircraft engines.
  1. 10Noratlas3074Over 400 of the Nord Noratlas military transport were built in France and Germany from 1949 to 1961. The sole flying example arrived from France. Unfortunately after performing a steep approach it burst a tyre on landing.
  1. 11AntaresDLRH2This Antares DLR H2 powered glider is a flying test bed for fuel cell technology. The underwing pods hold pressurised hydrogen and fuel cells. It has zero -emissions as the sole by-product of the hydrogen combined with oxygen from the air is water.
  1. 12HA200SaetaAn early jet trainer is the Hispanic Aviation HA200 Saeta which with the Messerschmitt 262 was displayed by Airbus Germany Flugmsueum. The type first flew in 1952. It was designed by Willy Messerschmitt. He helped the advancement of the post war Spanish Aviation Industry which is now a major element of the Airbus group
  1. 13An124Hundreds of people strolled inside the mighty Antonov An-124’s huge cargo hold or emerged to watch the varied flying display.
  1. 14Mi8&Mi17Two Czech Air Force Mi-8/ Mi-17 Hippos gave a spirited Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) display. One, left, with rear clamshell doors has stub wings for weapon mounts and gave aerial cover while the other lifted the downed airman. It has the newer rear-loading ramp. These large Russian helicopters can carry 24 troops or a small jeep

15LynxA German Navy Lynx inserting troops by rope.

16Me262The flight display by this Me262 replica operated by the EADS Heritage Flight is always a major attraction at ILA Berlin.

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