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Published on April 25th, 2016 | by Mark Dwyer


Birr Breakfast Fly-In Photo Report

The Irish fly-in season got off to a great start yesterday (Sunday April 24th) with a great attendance for the traditional Birr Breakfast fly-in. Thanks to Joe McDermott (Follow Me Aircraft Marshallers, Ian Thompson and Malcolm Nason for the photos below.

17 - MN

EI-FBY, Land Africa Citius. Malcolm Nason

16 - MN

EI-HFC of the Irish Historic Flight. Malcolm Nason

14 - MN

EI-HFB of the Irish Historic Flight. Malcolm Nason.

13 - MN

EI-FBW, Land Africa. Malcolm Nason

12 - MN

The Chipmunks of the Irish Historic Flight Foundation. Malcolm Nason.

12 - FMAM-JoeMcD

Bryan Hogan from Follow Me Aircraft Marshallers. Joe McDermott

11 - MN

EI-DZS Land Africa. Malcolm Nason

11 - FMAM-JoeMcD

One of the IHFF Chipmunks gets airborne off runway 36 at Birr. Joe McDermott

10 - MN

Limetree based Land Africa EI-FLH. Malcolm Nason.

10 - FMAM-JoeMcD

EI-HFC departs Birr. Joe McDermott.

9 - MN

EI-CFH Piper Super Cruiser. Malcolm Nason

9 - FMAM-JoeMcD

EI-HFC of the IHFF. Joe McDermott

8 - MN

Sligo based Cub, G-BTSP. Malcolm Nason.

8 - FMAM-JoeMcD

A collection of aircraft from Birr including Ikarus C42 EI-ERM. Joe McDermott.

7 - MN

Limetree based Cub EI-BIO. Malcolm Nason.

7 - FMAM-JoeMcD

Slingsby Firefly G-KONG being marshalled by FMAM. Joe McDermott.

6 - MN

G-CHJZ Luscombe 8E Silvaire. Malcolm Nason.

6 - FMAM-JoeMcD

The tail of RV-8 G-JBTR. Joe McDermott.

5 - MN

Auster 5Je G-AIRC. Malcolm Nason.

5 - IT

Ormand Flying Club Eurostar EI-DKW. Ian Thompson.

5 - FMAM-JoeMcD

A very appropriately registered Vans RV-6! Joe McDermott.

4 - MN

Aeronca Sedan EI-BKC. Malcolm Nason.

4 - IT

G-CCFL Jabiru UL-450. Ian Thompson.

4 - FMAM-JoeMcD

A selection of the aircraft that attended. Joe McDermott.

3 - MN

Chipmunk EI-HFB climbs of runway 36. Malcolm Nason.

3 - IT

EI-SYM Vans RV-7. Ian Thompson.

3 - FMAM-JoeMcD

G-BZGH Cessna 172N with C42 EI-ERM and RV-7 G-CECV. Joe McDermott.

2 - MN

Chipmunk 169 EI-HFB. Malcolm Nason.

2 - IT

Atec 2000 EI-DGV has recently returned to the air after a period of storage, it’s now based at Limetree. Ian Thompson.

2 - FMAM-JoeMcD

Alan Murphy and Odhrán Murphy from the IHFF get ready to depart. Joe McDermott.

1 - MN

168 backtracks runway 36 at Birr. Malcolm Nason.

1 - IT

G-BVJN Europa. Ian Thompson.

1 - FMAM-JoeMcD

The crew of RV-6 G-ESTR. Joe McDermott.

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