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Midlands FlightFest 2015

Photos by Frank Grealish unless otherwise stated. To see more photos of the event, check out Frank’s website at HERE

The Midlands FlightFest 2015 was held over the June Bank Holiday weekend at Abbeyshrule, and while the weather tried its best to ruin proceedings, eventually causing the show on Monday to be cancelled, the show went ahead on Sunday despite some heavy showers passing through.

The bright fluffy clouds combined with clear blue skies, interspersed with rain showers, provided a great backdrop for the displays.

Most acts flying on Sunday had clear skies for their displays, with the unfortunate exception of the Breitling WingWalkers, who had to deal with a rain shower, I’m sure the poor girls felt the 90mph rain drops hitting their faces!

Below you will find a selection of pictures from the day, acts including Richard Goodwin, Eddie Goggins, Artur Kielak, Chris Heames, William Hillick and David Bruton all blazed through the skies keeping us entertained.

One of the highlights was seeing the sleek silver Hawker Hunter streaking through Irish skies… being a bit biased here as we’re fast jet fans, and we rarely have fast jets in this part of the world, although Colonel Crackshot shooting plates from Stampe biplane was a bit different!

Dave, Sharon and all the team at Midlands Aviation laid on a good show that was unfortunately hampered by the weather, spirits remained high though, hopefully we’ll see the Midlands FlightFest return in 2016.


IM2_3421_G-BWXL IM2_3595_G-CPII IM2_3702_G-CPII IM2_3777_G-CPII IM2_3941_G-BVGH_XL573 IM2_4026_G-BVGH_XL573 IM2_4100_G-BVGH_XL573 IM2_4343_EI-BAJ IM2_4428_G-EWIZ IM2_4549_G-EWIZ IM2_4991_D-ECXA IM2_5270_G-CPII IM2_5515_N5057V IM2_5927_EI-BAJ IM2_6166_G-AYFC IM2_6386_HA-NST_Dave_Bruton IM2_6438_EI-FAB 

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