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Shannon Airliner Update

The latest Shannon Airliner Update of all the aircraft passing through and maintenance visitors. Along with the aircraft stored and parked around the airfield. 


EI-HAJ A330-343E (1559) DVB Bank still in full Philippines colours ex RP-C8265 arrived back from Ciudad Real 29/5/23 (had departed Shannon 23/5/22). Short check flight 18/8/23. Believed to be returning to PAL.

XU-724 A320-232 (2156) Sky Angkor Airlines arrived Shannon 16/6/23 from Phnom Penh via Muscat & Athens for return to lessor DVB Bank. Re-reg OE-IHS by 26/6/23 still in full colour. To IAC H6 2/8/23 be painted all white. Rolled out as such 10/8/23 and parked.

RP-C7937 A320-232 (2112) Pan Pacific Airlines arrived via Sharm El Sheikh 20/2/20 on return to lessor Genesis Lease & for Lufthansa Technik maintenance.  Re-reg LZ-GNF 27/2/20. Parked beside H5. Moved to ASL hangar (H20) 17/7/23 to be dismantled. Back to temporary parking 18/8/23 with many parts removed.


VT-SLL B737-8EH (34274) Spicejet arrived from Delhi via Corlu 27/10/21 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor. Noted re-reg 2-BBMB by 10/2/23.

VT-SPU B737-9GJ (34953) Spicejet arrived 15/12/21 from Hyderabad via Delhi and Istanbul for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. and return to lessor. Re-reg 2-BBMC 1/9/22  (noted 16/9/22) Horizon 11 Aviation 3 Ltd still in Spicejet colours.

VT-SGH B737-8GJ (36369) Spicejet arrived from Delhi via Corlu 27/10/21 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessorOfficially re-reg 2-BBME 2/2/23. For Aeronova to operate for Air Europa Express as EC-OBJ. To IAC H6 28/4/23 for painting. Rolled out in Air Europa Express colours 6/5/23 and back to H1. Test flight 23/6/23 & 27/6/23 & 3/7/23. Noted re-reg EC-OBJ by 17/7/23. Moved to H2 8/8/23. Registration taped over by 11/8/23. Reg untaped and dep to Madrid 18/8/23 to be op by Aeronova

C-GVAJ B757-223F (24607) Cargojet arrived from Hamilton 14/5/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1). Dep to Hamilton 11/8/23.

OY-SRL B767-232F (22219) Star Air arrived 31/5/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1).

D-ALES B757-2Q8(F) (29442) EAT Leipzig/ DHL arrived 8/7/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance H2. Dep 6/8/23.

OY-SRG B767-219F (25328) Star Air arrived 15/7/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2). Dep 19/8/23.

OY-SRP B767-232F (22220) Star Air arrived 15/7/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1)

EI-AZB B737-8AS(F) (29925) ASL Airlines /Amazon Prime Air arrived from Milan 30/7/23 for maintenance with Atlantic Aviation H1. Dep 23/8/23.         

OY-SYA B767-3P6(ER/F) (24984) Maersk Air Cargo arrived 8/8/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1). Dep 9/8/23.

N7672C B767-224ER (30432) op by Elan Express diverted to Shannon 8/8/23 en-route Istanbul to Hamilton in basic Flyaman colours. Snag rectification with Atlantic Aviation H1 & dep to Hamilton 14/8/23.

C-GAZI B767-338ER/F (25576) Cargojet in Amazon Prime colours arrived 11/8/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1).

N156DL B767-3P6(ER/F) (25354) op Bedek Aviation arrived from Wilmington 13/8/23 in basic Delta colours for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2). For Maersk Air Cargo as OY-SYD.

OY-SRF B767-219F (25327) Star Air arrived 19/8/23 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2).

EI-AZC B737-86J(F) (30877) ASL Airlines /Amazon Prime Air arrived 21/8/23 for maintenance with Atlantic Aviation H1


HZ-HMED B757-23A (25495) Saudi Royal Aviation arrived for painting in new livery. Rolled out 1/8/23 and dep to Jeddah 2/8/23.

A7-ALD A350-941 (10) Qatar Airways arrived for repainting 12/7/23. Dep 20/8/23.

G-DHLJ B767-3JH(ER/F) (37809) DHL Air arrived 10/8/23 for repaint in full yellow scheme. Dep 21/8/23.

A7-ALK A350-941 (33) Qatar Airways arrived for repainting 21/8/23.

G-DHLK B767-3JH(ER/F) (37810) DHL Air arrived 23§/8/23 for repaint in full yellow scheme.


F-GIXN B737-4Y0(F) (25181) ASL Airlines France arrived 10/5/23 for maintenance & parking.

EI-STI B737-476F (24435) ASL Airlines arrived 26/7/23 for maintenance. Dep 28/7/23. Returned 31/7/23. Dep 2/8/23.

EI-STL B737-42C(F) (24231) ASL Airlines arrived 31/7/23 for maintenance.

EI-STV B737-43Q(F) (28494) ASL Airlines arrived 2/8/23 for maintenance. Dep 14//8/23.

F-GZTB B737-33V(QC) ((29336) ASL Airlines France arrived 14/8/23 for maintenance. Dep 16/8/23.

EI-STU B737-4M0(F) (29204) ASL Airlines arrived 15/8/23 for maintenance. Dep 22/8/23.

EI-STS B737-48E(F) ASL Airlines arrived 30/8/23 for maintenance.


N986HC B737-7B6 (28986) ex CN-RNR Nomadic Aviation ferried Casablanca-Shannon-Bangor-Coolidge 29-30/8/23.         

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