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Things That Go Bump In The Flight

Two in five airline passengers hate to fly. These people may at some time in their life have been happy to take a flight to visit friends and family, close a business deal or visit a distant land as a tourist but now are more comfortable staying on the ground; if they have to fly, they will but be miserable for days before and during their flight.  A fear of flying is way more common than you may think.

In 2009, Michael Comyn set up FlyFearless™ in Ireland as a specialised training company that works with people anxious about the sights, sounds and sensations associated with flight. Having researched the various options available then, from hypnosis to breathing exercises, he knew there was a better option from his experience as a pilot and a trainer who used flight simulators.

Thirteen years later, almost 3,200 people have taken the course with a 92% success rate.  The 8% that don’t get the desired result may have broader anxiety issues and are referred for further assistance. The course is not “therapy” but is an information-packed educational experience.

Michael Comyn now brings the course to a broader audience in the UAE.  The one-day course will take place on November 13th, 2022, at the state-of-the-art facilities of Dynamic Advanced Training.

Located in the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub, Dubai South, which is a crucial economic initiative of the Government of Dubai to leverage the city’s strategic location as a central aviation hub, Dynamic Advanced Training is the leading independent provider of aviation safety training in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (MENASA) region.  Together FlyFearless and Dynamic Advance Training will run the one-day course, which includes classroom training, simulated flight, and briefings from an experienced crew.

According to Michael, “from our experience, turbulence is the most misunderstood aspect of flight that causes the most anxiety”. The full motion simulators at Dynamic Advanced Training allow participants to experience the sights, sounds and sensations of flight while on the ground. They match these to the insight and knowledge they get from the course instructors. While the simulators are typically used for emergency training, no emergencies are simulated on the day of the course. The course is based on positive learning and rebuilding trust for participants in in-flight safety.

One of the participants on a course recently run in Ireland sums up the experience for many when he stated, “I am sorry I didn’t take this course with Fly Fearless before now! The content and experience in the simulator were invaluable in helping me address my concerns. Michael was a fantastic instructor who got to the heart of my problem quickly, enabling me to manage it. Thank you for all your support and advice. I look forward to my next flight and practising what you taught me”.

More information and further details about the courses are available at and

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