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Shannon Airliner Update

The latest Shannon Airliner Update of all the aircraft passing through and maintenance visitors. Along with the aircraft stored and parked around the airfield. 


LN-LNF B787-8 (35313) Norwegian arrived 22/12/20 from Oslo for return to lessor & parking. For lease by AerCap to Norse Atlantic Airways. To IAC H7 30/3/22 to be painted for Norse Atlantic. Rolled out 4/4/22 with just wings painted and. Back to IAC (H7) 24/5/22. Painted all white for Air Europa lease and rolled out 28/5/22, to be EC-NVZ. Test flight 30/6/22. Dep to Barcelona to start Air Europa lease 5/7/22.

RP-C7937 A320-232 (2112) Pan Pacific Airlines arrived via Sharm El Sheikh 20/2/20 on return to lessor Genesis Lease & for Lufthansa Technik maintenance.  Re-reg LZ-GNF 27/2/20. Parked beside H5.

A6-FEF B737-8KN (40259) Fly Dubai arrived Shannon 22/3/21 for Lufthansa Technik maintenance & return to lessor. To IAC H6 6/5/21 to be painted all white & rolled out 12/5/21. Customer acceptance flight 16/5/21. Re-reg N402FP FPG Group 26/5/21. Seen re-reg M-ABPA 22/2/22 to Aero Capital Leasing. Note US reg was cancelled 17/12/21.

EI-HCW A320-232 (4888) all white ex VT-IEL DVB Bank arrived from Belgrade 9/6/22 and parked.

CS-TQU B737-8K2 (30648) EuroAtlantic arrived from Castellon 13/7/22 on return to lessor and parked.

VP-CGV B737-86Q(F) (32773 Amazon Prime Air / ASL Airlines arrived on delivery from East Midlands and parked. To be EI-AZG.


VP-CDM B737-85P (33975) ex HL8231 AMCK Aviation in Eastar colours arrived 20/12/20 from Seoul, Gimpo via Incheon, Almaty and Helsinki for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. Dep to Tashkent and Shanghai 29/7/22 still in Eastar colours.

TC-CPS B737-8GJ (37366) Pegasus arrived 11/2/21 for Lufthansa Technik maintenance and return to lessor. To IAC paint hangar 6 29/3/21 to be painted all white. Paint stripped and back to Lufthansa Technik till 9/4/12 when returned to H6 to be painted all white. Rolled out 14/4/21 back to Lufthansa Technik.Test flights 9 & 10/5/21. Moved to H2 by 28/5/21. Re-reg EI-GWS 14/6/21.Test flight 4/7/22.

ZS-ZWZ B737-8KN (40249) Comair in British Airways colours arrived from Jo’burg via Cairo 27/9/21 on return to lessor & for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. Re-reg VP-BDC 31/3/22. Dep to Iasi, Romania 29/7/22 but returned with a snag. Dep again to Iasi 1/8/22.

N592CC B737-86N (39401) GECAS in Vistara colours ex VT-TGI arrived from Tainan via Seoul, Nur Sultan and Ostrava 11/10/21 after return to lessor for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. To IAC H6 17/6/22 and rolled out in Avelo colours 28/6/22 to be N805VL and back to H2. Two customer acceptance flights 26/7/22. 

VT-SLL B737-8EH (34274) Spicejet arrived from Delhi via Corlu 27/10/21 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor.

VT-SGH B737-8GJ (36369) Spicejet arrived from Delhi via Corlu 27/10/21 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor.

VT-SGQ B737-8GJ (37365) Spicejet arrived 15/12/21from Hydrabad via Delhi and Istanbul for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor.

VT-SPU B737-9GJ (34953) Spicejet arrived 15/12/21from Hydrabad via Delhi and Istanbul for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. and return to lessor.

EI-GXO B737-86N (36549) Merx Aviation Finance in full Garuda colours ex PK-GFA ferried Sofia-Shannon 24/8/21 for Lufthansa Technik maintenance. 

Transferred to Atlantic Aviation. To IAC H6 for painting 1/2/22. Rolled out in Alrosa colours 13/2/22 and back to Atlantic Aviation. Not delivered. To IAC paint hangar 22/7/22 and rolled out in Batik Indonesia colours 31/7/22 marked as PK-BGZ. (Will have Irish reg taped on for pre delivery maintenance work.)

N743AX B767-232F (22218) Amerijet arrived 3/4/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1).

VT-SYR B737-8AL (39062) Spicejet arrived from Istanbul 7/4/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor. Re-reg 2-TJFN 12/5/22 to BOC Aviation (official re-reg date 21/4/22). To IAC H6 and rolled out in US-Bangla colours 26/5/22 to be S2-AJG.

VT-SYS B737-8AL (39064) Spicejet arrived from Istanbul 28/3/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor. Re-reg 2-TSYS 13/5/22 to BOC Aviation (official re-reg date 6/4/22). To IAC H6 and rolled out in US-Bangla colours 26/5/22 to be S2-AJH.

EI-STP B737-4Q8(F) (26299) ASL Airlines arrived 14/5/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. Noted all white 9/6/22. Test flight 1/7/22.

TF-FIH B757-208PCF (24739) Icelandair arrived 15/5/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1). Dep to Liege 28/7/22.

OY-SRI B767-25E(F) (27193) Star Air arrived 28/5/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. Test flight 1/7/22 & dep 2/7/22.

OE-IEQ A320-232 (5429) Parc Aviation Engineering Services Ltd arrived from Tallinn all white 21/4/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H1). To IAC H6 8/6/22. Rolled out in Batik Air Indonesia colours 16/6/22 to be PK-BKO and back to H1

OE-IDH A320-232 95362) all white BOC Aviation arrived from Tallinn 10/6/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance. To IAC H6 14/6/22 painting in Batik Air Indonesia colours. Rolled out 23/6/22 to be PK-BKM. Back to H1.

2-TSSA B767-238ER (3896) Weststar Aviation Services arrived 24/6/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance(H1). Dep 17/7/22

OY-SRM B767-25E(F) (27192) Star Air arrived 1/7/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2). 

HP-3310DAE B767-304ER(F) (28042) DHL Aero Expresso arrived 2/7/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance.

VT-SYQ B737-8AL (39057) Spicejet arrived from Istanbul 8/4/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance and return to lessor. Re-reg EI-HDL 30/4/22. To IAC H6 23/6/222 for painting in Jettime colours to be OY-JZT. Rolled out 4/7/22 and to H1.

EI-STK B737-44F (25052) ASL Airlines arrived from Newcastle 20/7/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2).

OY-SRJ B767-25E(F) (27195) Star Air arrived 31/7/22 for Atlantic Aviation maintenance (H2). 


M-ABPU ATR72-212A (1122) AerGo Capital Leasing in Avianca colours ex HK-5325. Arrived via Reykjavik & Wick to be painted for Air Connect as YR-ACA. Parked and into H7 26/6/22. Rolled out 6/7/22 and dep to Bucharest 7/7/22.

OE-IIH B737-8GP (38308) Jackson Square Aviation in Batik Air Indonesia colours arrived from Dublin 21/6/22 for painting by IAC in Corendon colours to be 9H-CXD. Rolled out 6/7/22 and dep to Cologne 11/7/2 as OE-IIH.

F-WXAN A350-941 (285) Airbus Industrie in Hainan Airlines colours (NTU) arrived 24/6/22 for painting in ITA Airways livery. Rolled out 12/7/22 to be EI-ITE and dep to Teruel 25/7/22.

2-CPRO A330-343E (1482) ex RP-C8786 BBAM leasing in Philippines colours arrived from Bordeaux 8/7/22 for painting. Rolled out all white 23/7/22 and dep to Nimes 29/7/22. 

G-PRPL DHC8Q-402 (4380) Wellington Leasing in FlyBe colours arrived from Saarbrucken for painting in SATA Azores colours to be CS-TSE. Rolled out 20/7/22 and dep to Lisbon & Punta Delgado.

D-AEAP A300B4-622R(F) (617) EAT Leipzig / DHL arrived 13/7/22 for repaint. Dep 25/7/22.

D-AEAD A300B4-622R(F) (617) EAT Leipzig / DHL arrived 25/7/22 for repaint.

9H-KOG B787-9 (63314) ex G-CKOG full Norwegian colours arrived from Bordeaux 29/7/22 to be painted for Air Primea, S.Korea.



EI-GSV A320-232 (2587) ex YU-APG BBAM Aircraft Leasing arrived 11/12/20 from Belgrade all white for Lufthansa Technik maintenance. Test flight 29/7/22.


EI-STO B737-43Q(F) (28490) arrived 6/4/22 for maintenance. To IAC H6 28/4/22 and painted all white with West Atlantic titles 3/5/22 to be G-NPTH. Back to ASL hangar. 

OO-TNO B737-49R(F) (28881) ASL Airlines Belgium arrived 28/6/22 for maintenance & painting. To IAC H6 3/7/22 and rolled out in Estafeta colours to be XA-EMX. Rolled out 11/7/22 & back to ASL hangar. Dep to Goodyear via Keflavik and Bangor 29/7/22.

EI-STI B737-476F (24435) ASL Airlines arrived 4/7/22 for maintenance. Dep 6/7/22.

EI-GUO ATR72-600F (1722) FedEx / ASL Airlines delivered Toulouse -Shannon 4/7/22. Into service Shannon- Paris CDG 11/7/22.

2-GOTG B737-84P(F) (32604) Amazon Prime Air / ASL Airlines colours arrived from East Midlands 25/6/22 on delivery, to be EI-AZF. Re-reg EI-AZF 8/7/22.

EI-AZA B737-86N(F) (28655) Amazon Prime Air / ASL Airlines arrived from Barcelona 17/7/22 for maintenance. Dep 21/7/22.

EI-STU B737-4M0(F) ASL Airlines arrived 21/7/22 for maintenance. Dep 26/7/22.

EI-DAD B737-8ASF) (33544) Amazon Prime Air / ASL Airlines arrived from Madrid 31/7/22 for maintenance.


N206CM B767-35H(ER) (26388) Cargo Aircraft Management in basic Rouge colours ferried Wilmington-Shannon-Tel Aviv 16-7/7/22 for cargo conversion.

N203CM B767-375(ER) (25121) Cargo Aircraft Management in basic Rouge colours ferried Tel Aviv-Shannon-Cincinnati 22-23/7/22 after cargo conversion.

VP-BIM B747-4HA(F) (35237) Air Bridge Cargo colours from Sharjah via Cairo & Toulouse, to Tucson & Pinal Air Park 16-19/7/22.

N369CL B737-8Q8 (29369) ex C-GTQF Carlyle Aviation Partners, all white from San Bernardino via Bangor to Amman 23-24/7/22.

ET-AXG B737 Max8 (43928) Ethiopian Airlines delivered Boeing Field-Shannon-Addis Abba 27-28/7/22.

OE-LFG B737 Max8 (43927) ICBC Financial Leasing Co. Ltd in full Spicejet colours (NTU) arrived Shannon from Boeing Field 1/8/22.

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