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Irish Aviation Gin Brand Creates Recyclable 50ml Pouch

A Guaranteed Irish eco spirits brand, sets course on a new adventure.

With less than two years under their aviation belt, the Runway 28 gin team have come up with a 50ml pouch, a 50ml gin pouch, which, by all accounts is set to join the travel retail shopping circuit by late summer/early autumn. While food & drink pouches seem to be trending right now, you might say it was inevitable that mini alcohol drinks would morph into a lighter, friendlier, more eco-focused manifestation. A progressive product which complies organically with new global legislation.

“While we find ourselves somewhat delayed in reaching our original mini recyclable pouch launch date” said RW28G founder Marie Ann Mc Loughlin Dwyer, “we understand that nothing worthwhile or long-term happens quickly, so it’s best to take our time, and be ready to fly when the timing is right!”

Their new product (a collaboration between brand, distillery, design experts, and filling specialists) has both a fully recyclable body and crucially a fully recyclable top. The core product is created from reused plastics and is made from a Low-Density Polyethylene, with a recycling grading of 4.

Marie Ann, who recently completed an “Environmental Awareness” course online, has worked in product creation & development for over 15 years. “I find that while I have a wealth of information and experience in certain areas of my professional life, products are generationally lead. No matter what you’ve learned in the past, it’s really all about what society drives right now, and right now what young people drive, is the protection of their planet and their future. We very much look forward to our new product rollout, it’s been a labour of love and a passion for change”

For further information, comments, media or sales enquiries, please contact hellorunway28@gmail.com or www.runway28gin.com


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