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Dublin to Tenerife with Ryanair

By Marieann Mc Loughlin Dwyer

Affordable, Covid19 risk compliant, with a super fast travel process from booking to boarding! — FR.. doing exactly what it says on the tin!

For most people, travel at the moment is filled with questions. Questions that might leave you thinking, is it really worth the effort? Let’s face it, we’ve all discovered that we can work from home, so the only other box to tick is simply about pleasure, so.. is it a pleasure to travel at the moment?

Firstly let’s mention the “D” word…Documentation, and most importantly, how do I get said travel documents? Then of course the “C” word. Are we Covid19 protected onboard? — This is followed by a myriad of other letters & questions. Will everyone be wearing a mask onboard? Can I eat? Can I pee!? It’s all foreign territory to even the most seasoned of pre-pandemic travellers (like myself).

To try to answer a few of your questions (and purely based on my own recent experience) here, in the simplest of terms, are a few answers that might help!

  1. Firstly the information that you need regarding travel documentation is all on the Ryanair website, www.ryanair.com. I know, it’s a bit difficult to decipher, but here you will find mention of all the Ryanair destinations, with all of their requirements for entry, so take heart. Most importantly, you will find out how to access all documentation prior to travel. But just to break it down even further, the following is what I needed recently on my journey from Dublin Airport to Tenerife Sur. Hope it helps!
  2. (a) a valid Covid19 vaccination certificate available from the HSE (which I had. I uploaded it easily prior to travel)OR (b) alternatively I would have needed an in date PCR test, OR (c) paperwork stating that I have had Covid19 in the past, finally (d) a passenger/traveler locator/health form, available from The Spanish Travel Health Authorities— link also on the Ryanair website. Online application is straight forward. A form is issued to you (downloadable) 48hrs prior to travel. (remember) always print a copy to present to officials on arrival at your destination, it will save buckets of fumbling about on your phone time!
  3. Check in (for me) was the smoothest I’ve had for a long time! Two very polite Ryanair Check-in staff members where on the ready to answer any questions I had, & guide me if needed. I placed my (check in) bag on the scales, a bag label was issued, the bag disappeared on a nearby conveyer belt. Zero drama.
  4. With regard to eating onboard, that’s a hard yes! I ate (lots from the cart) by popping my mask off here and there at various intervals during the flight.
  5. The Loo. Contrary to popular and recent rumor’s, going to the loo on board is NOT a big deal. You simply wait your turn, and if the seatbelts lights are off, the crew are more that happy for you to proceed to the toilet (one at the front, and two at the rear of the cabin) with mask donned of course.
  6. Arrival: On arrival the first person that greeted me was from The Spanish Authorities (prior to the usual customs passport check) to ask me for my locator form. No time was lost on screenshots, as I had a copy in my travel wallet! It was duly scanned and I was free to collect my bag (which appeared in minutes).

So to recap, be prepared, arrive early, have your paperwork in order, printed, and to hand. Be assured that your flight may be busy, but will be in compliance with Covid19 travel guidelines. Lastly eating and going to the loo is still standard procedure! What’s not to love about the new travel norm. Bon voyage!

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