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Farewell Lady Avro – its been a pleasure

In recent times it can feel like world order is spiralling out of our control with quickening pace. Feelings of anxiety and despair are ever present regarding practically every aspect of our lives. Spare a thought for those who rely on the aviation industry to earn a crust.

One of the most severely disrupted if not, the most decimated sectors struggling with the current Covid-19 crisis. An industry of robust professionals which has weathered many storms and by its nature, constantly reacts and evolves to prevailing global situations. A forefront industry.

Until a couple of years ago, CityJet – Air France provided connectivity between Dublin and London City by flying passengers directly into the heart of the UK capital, delivering those with business to the docklands located airport by way of its “aircraft carrier” style runway. A practice for which CityJet became synonyms with from the airlines early operations back in January 1994.

Read the full article by Aidan Nolan / Airliner Experience by clicking on the image below. Main photo above Ferenc Kobli.

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