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Ulster Flying Club Spot Landing Competition – July 7th

Ulster Flying club will be holding their annual Open-day and Fly-in on the 7th July 2019, from 10am. The Spot landing competition will commence at 12:30pm. Pilots taking part in the competition are encouraged to fly-in as early as possible, so the competition runs smoothly and in a timely manner. Other activities include: Static & Model activity display, Kids Activities, Trial Flights, Hangar Tours, Great food and much more.

Spot Landing

The spot landing competition is open to all pilots and to aircraft types: Flexwing microlight, Fixed wing microlight, Powered Glider and GA Aircraft. The competition is also open to student pilots but must have an instructor on board (See Participant Section for more details). Pilots will be given 2 attempts at the spot landing where points for both landings will be added to give the final score.

Landing Area

The diagram below illustrates the target landing area and scoring basis. This is divided into sections spaced approximately 20 feet apart. Runway in use and circuit details will be provided to all participants the day before the competition.


  • 0 Points
    • Land before line 1, OR, after line 6.
    • Main wheel lands touching line 1 or on line 6.
    • If the aircraft bounces after initial touchdown.
    • Slamming the aircraft down or porpoising.
  • 25 Points
    • Land between line 1 & 2, or, between line 5 & 6.
    • Main wheel Lands touching line 2 or line 5.
  • 50 Points
    • Land between line 2 & line 3, or, between line 4 & line 5.
    • Main wheel Lands touching line 3 or line 4.
  • 100 Points – Land between the yellow lines 3 & 4.
  • Points DEDUCTED – 25 points deducted for Tail Wheel in the event of a main wheel landing. A positive three-point landing must be made for full points. 25 points deducted for Tricycle Aircraft in the event of a 3 point or nose wheel landing. Touchdown should be made on both main wheels, except in crosswind conditions where the deduction will not apply.
  • Disqualification – Safety is paramount; anyone deemed to be flying in an unsafe manner will be disqualified.

To retain full points for the touchdown the aircraft must remain firmly on the ground. Usage of Power, Slips and flaps are permitted. The pilots final score will be calculated from points gained in Attempt 1 added to the points gained in Attempt 2. The Pilot with the most points is deemed the winner. In the event there are two or more contestants with the same total number of points, the winner(s) shall be awarded equal first place.


The competition is open to all pilots and to aircraft types flexwing microlight, fixed wing microlight, powered glider and GA Aircraft. The following rules apply:

  • All pilots must have valid licence, insurance, medical and permit.
  • All pilots must wear a hi-vis vest/jacket. Vests will also be provided on the day.
  • All pilots must have completed, in the preceding 90 days, 3 PIC take-offs, approaches and landings in the same aircraft type being used in the competition.
  • STUDENTS WELCOME. Student pilots can enter the competition so long as they are Post-Solo. Post-solo students must have an instructor on board. The instructor may instruct but cannot handle the controls, unless he declares him/herself as the PIC. The Instructor may also handle the controls in the interests of safety where a go around is necessary. The student pilot will not be penalized for a go around.
  • Passengers are not permitted on board, except where the pilot is a post-solo student with an instructor on board.
  • Comply with circuit procedures, rules of the air and local ATC instructions.


At no time should you let the competition interfere with the safety of all concerned. If you encounter any safety related issue, go around. Go-arounds are encouraged if a safe landing cannot be assured, and it doesn’t count as a landing attempt for scoring – No cheating!

Spot landing competitions are usually a fun, safe and accident free event. Slamming the aircraft down/bouncing/porpoising has been deliberately allocated Zero points to lessen the risk of an accident occurring.

Use good judgment on final approach. Don’t stretch the glide too far and let the airspeed get into the danger zone. If the situation doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t, so be prudent. Show good judgment at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I’ve no experience with spot landing competitions, can I still take part?

A: Of course. In fact, most pilots will have little/no experience so join in for the fun. We highly recommend that you speak with your instructor and request some training on Short Field landing techniques – a very valuable skill to have.

Q:Is there a charge to enter the competition?

A: No. Entry is free of charge. Landing fees to non-club members are also free on the day.

Q:Do I need to register to enter the competition?

A: There is no strict registration, however, we would be grateful if you could let us know you are entering the competition beforehand. Please email or call/text 07944 737 737 with your name, aircraft registration and where you be flying from. Any other questions, feel free to contact.

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