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Published on May 7th, 2019 | by FII Reader


Carrickmore Fly-In 2019

The annual Carrickmore Fly-In took place over the weekend of 4th/5th May. The weather cooperated and lots of visitors flew into the Co. Tyrone airfield. Ian Thompson has very kindly sent us this selection of photos from the weekend.

G-OFSP Czech Sport Sportcruiser (CRUZ)

G-CBDO Raj Hamsa X’Air 582(1)

G-CCJW Best Off Sky Ranger 912 (2)

Busy West Apron at Carrickmore

G-CCEL Jabiru UL-450 Microlight

G-CNAB Jabiru UL-450 Microlight

G-SFAR Aerosport Ikarus C42 FB100

G-CIZB Magni Gyro Magni M24C

G-MYPM Cyclone AX3/503

EI-FGB BRM Land Africa

EI-ERM Comco Ikarus C-42 FB UK

G-CBKU Comco-Ikarus C.42 FB UK

N280SA Maule MX-7-180 Star Rocket (M7)

G-CEBF Aerotechnik EV-97A Eurostar

G-BZKO Rans S6-ES Coyote II

G-RVTE Vans RV-6

G-CEEW Ikarus C42 FB100 (C42)

G-RVER Van’s RV-4

G-CCWC Best Off Skyranger 912(2)

G-CWAY Comco Aerosport Ikarus C42/B FB100 (C42) Microlight

G-CFKW Alpi Pioneer 200-M Sparrow Microlight

G-DMCI Aerosport Ikarus Comco C-42A FB100 Microlight

G-DMCI Aerosport Ikarus Comco C-42A FB100 Microlight

EI-FSA Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius

G-CGRZ Magni M-24C Orion Gyroplane (MM24)

G-CBWW Skyranger Swift 912(1) (SKRA)

West Apron

G-RWEW Robinson R44 II Clipper II (R44)

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