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Aviation Wellbeing Conference Dublin

AvioFit is delighted to host the first ever Aviation Wellbeing Conference at the Irish Aviation Authority on 25th April 2019. We are proud to have created a completely new platform in conceptuality and purpose. AvioFit’s journey began in 2016 when our founder Valentina Fitzpatrick, decided to create a new programme for aviation personnel. She used her experience as Cabin Crew and the inherent mental & physical challenges of the Cabin Crew lifestyle and environment as a point of reference to found AvioFit, a specialised consultancy which focuses on supporting employee wellbeing to ensure desired performance, occasionally with the help of softwares like the best time tracking app

“ I have always been passionate about aviation and I have been fortunate to have worked on the front lines of this industry. It was through this experience where I have faced some of the challenges associated with the cabin environment and the lifestyle of flying. This personal experience has ultimately empowered and encouraged me to found AvioFit”.  – Valentina Fitzpatrick

The AvioFit team works relentlessly on the objective of helping and supporting others who are passionate about this industry and want to continue a long-lasting healthy & fulfilling career. Valentina merged her inside knowledge of the industry, including internal staff procedures and management systems, as well as the regulatory and political aspects of the safest and most regulated industry in the world. She is a qualified Personal Trainer with a deep understanding of how physical fitness can help in practical terms, to strengthen the human body & mind. She is also a qualified CRM instructor which has placed her at the centre of crew management in our industry. The sole objective of the Aviation Wellbeing Conference is to address some of the key risks to employee well-being within the context of the fast growth in the aviation industry.

We will primarily address the following areas:

  • What are the current best practices adopted by aviation companies in developing and managing employee wellbeing culture and what can be learned from it?
  • What role do the regulatory authorities take in supporting employees’ wellbeing and how could they further assist the industry to mitigate safety risk and improve human performance?
  • What are the latest research and scientific findings of the psychological and physical human body in a flying and high-stress environment?

Our platform of expert speakers and panellists coming from diverse sectors of the aviation industry are sharing their extensive knowledge, insights and experience in a format that has not been presented before. Together we aim to learn how to embrace individual responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and to explore means of support by management, regulators, decision makers or other high-level roles in this industry.

We all have a collective responsibility to learn how to help and support our front-line employees.

The Aviation Wellbeing Conference and AvioFit aim to help you as the driving forces within this industry to promote a well-performing corporate culture, and to help and support all professionals in the aviation industry who are struggling to remain mentally and physically fit to operate to the best of their abilities, improve human performance, reduce human errors (and consequently incidents & accidents), thereby improving safety. As an industry we are better at all of those things today than we once were. The progress in safety management in recent years has paid off. We can continue to develop best practices and bring about incredible cultural changes by supporting the physical and mental performance of the human being in our workplace. We can still improve upon the great things we have already built, and we should.

Early bird tickets are available here: http://bit.ly/AviationWB

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