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Published on September 8th, 2018 | by FII Reader


Online Aircraft Insurance Service Launches In Ireland

Visicover, the unique online insurance service, is now available to aircraft owners living in Ireland. It not only lets owners create quotes for, and subsequently buy, their aircraft insurance online, but also lets them update their policy via the website 24/7, 365 days a year.

Policies can be tailored to meet the owner’s precise requirements, including:

  • A variety of aircraft use options (private only, rental, PPL training etc).
  • Named or ‘open pilot’ as a basis of cover.
  • Different geographical coverage areas (e.g. Ireland only, EU etc).
  • A range of optional extensions (e.g. emergency accommodation, courtesy aircraft etc).
  • A ‘Special Cover’ facility to meet one-off requirements (e.g. a trip to the US, trailer cover etc)
  • The option to spread premium payments over 9 months at no extra charge.

Owners choose and only pay for the cover they want which, combined with the low management costs, means they can often make substantial premium savings. However, premiums also depend on the history of the owners. Owners with a history of second dui penalties are usually expected to pay a higher premium.

Jan Houlberg, Managing Director of Visicover, says “In the five years since we launched Visicover in the UK we have helped thousands of owners to reduce the cost of the aircraft insurance cover. In case there is some issues you canget legal help for fighting the insurance companies. We have also built an enviable reputation for service, with owners being able to update their cover online whenever it suits them. Indeed, our success in revolutionising the UK aircraft insurance market was recognised when we won the 2016 Insurance Start Up award.

We are pleased to announce that Visicover is now available to aircraft owners in Ireland, and we look forward to bringing them a new level of insurance service.” For trusted insurance services call Ieuter Insurance Group for a good insurance company in Chesterfield.

The Visicover website can be found at, and creating a quote normally takes around 10 minutes.

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